What you need to know about our April Pre-Conference

We’ve had a tremendous response to our 1 + 1 Workshop and are really looking forward to meeting many of you for the first time in person, as well having a chance to pull back the curtain and show you behind the scenes at SquaredUp.

On that front, we’ve had a number of people ask what the pre-conference day on 12th April entails and so we thought it made sense to provide a bit more detail publicly.

Firstly, the pre-conference day is 12th April is optional and will be an informal day in the SquaredUp offices (as opposed the exclusive riverside location we’ll be taking you to for the workshop itself)

Attendees are welcome to come at any time during the day, there’s no fixed start, just let us know approximately what your arrival time will be in advance.

It’s designed as an opportunity to spend extended one-on-one time with the technical team and/or management team and to sit down and discuss any specific issues, questions or wish list items you may have. You’ll also get a chance to see what life at SquaredUp is really like, take a peek behind the scenes at the systems and processes we use and even take us on at table football if you’re feeling brave (watch out for Craig, he’s lethal!)


At the end of the day, we’ll be hosting an informal drinks reception - for people who have been at the pre-conf day but also those arriving in town in the evening -  where Richard Benwell & Richard South will share some of their personal background and how that translates into the outlook, ethos and ambitions of SquaredUp. Lastly, we’ll be taking you out for dinner to one of our great local restaurants to ensure you’re perfectly set up for a fantastic two day Workshop ahead.

Our pre-conference is open to all who have registered for our workshop, so what are you waiting for? Grab one of our early-bird tickets now and save £50, or better yet, bring a SME colleague and you both come for free!