Enterprise Application Monitoring

Map and monitor all of your enterprise applications

Why SquaredUp?

SquaredUp is a presentation layer that sits on top of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). And thanks to its extensible nature, we believe SCOM is perfectly placed to tackle the challenges of enterprise application monitoring head on. Your SCOM agents already collect vast amounts of health data – so save yourself some bureaucratic hassle and use the monitoring agents you already have. Nobody wants to deal with all that red tape again.

We're firm believers that the world doesn't need more data, we just need to better understand what we already have. For that reason, it's our goal to put all that rich SCOM data to good work. The missing piece of the puzzle? Context. If you put all that juicy infrastructure data in to the context of your key applications and services, well, then you've struck gold.

Our unique Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA) tool, coupled with our Total Dashboard Architecture (TDA), does exactly that. Better still, our open WebAPI connectors can dynamically pull in data from your ITSM and Log Analytics providers so create a single pane of glass for your entire IT operations team. Helping you quickly isolate the root cause for any application performance issues.

We help you work smarter with what you already have.

Introducing Enterprise Application Monitoring

Businesses need IT services that work, and that means applications that that don't go down or slow down. And whilst you might know the status of your infrastructure, do you really know where to look when things go wrong?

Sure, Application Performance Management (APM) tools offer a lot of promise, but the nature of its evolution means APM is far better suited for monitoring web apps than any other. And with enterprise IT typically responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of applications - across Windows and Linux, SQL and Oracle, on-prem and the cloud - APM isn't necessarily the answer for the majority of your enterprise applications. This is where Enterprise Application Monitoring (EAM) comes in.

EAM scales application-focused monitoring to the masses, whilst APM tools deliver richer, code-level insights for a select few. The best bit? EAM utilizes your existing monitoring stack so there's no need for any news agents, databases or infrastructure. 

Fast, modern HTML5
Open Access
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Custom PowerShell monitoring
Application dashboards
Node dependency monitoring

Fast, modern HTML5

The user interface that SCOM deserves - blazing fast, easy to learn and accessible from any browser. A truly modern user experience that engages everyone with your monitoring data.

Open Access

Share unlimited dashboards with an unlimited number of users. Open Access renders dashboards on the server-side and so you can provide your users with access to the latest data at no extra cost.

Bar charts

Often used with the 'top N' reporting features, bar charts allow you to quickly focus on key resource usage metrics such as disk space and network utilisation.

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Fire up Visio, open or create any diagram you can imagine, associate with SCOM objects, applications and groups using Visio shape data and then import into SquaredUp as a completely custom dashboard.

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Line charts

One of the core visualisations, the line charts have been carefully designed to deliver clarity, style and functionality for your SCOM data warehouse performance data.

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Use custom images - from world maps to company logos - to provide meaning and context to your dashboards.

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Visual Application Discovery & Analysis

At the heart of our Enterprise Application Monitoring solution is the ground-breaking VADA technology. VADA leverages the SCOM agent to dynamically map your applications across your infrastructure.

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PowerShell availability monitoring

In addition to URL and TCP monitoring, our powerful custom PowerShell availability monitoring enables you to measure the availability of any application.

Application dashboards

Out-of-the-box application dashboards allow you to rapidly deliver meaningful, end-to-end application monitoring to stakeholders across your organisation.


The SLA gauge visualization uses the built-in SCOM Service Level Tracking feature to report on application and server uptime so you can report on service levels and downtime.

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Almost every enterprise or cloud product these days has a web-based API, and the WebAPI tile enables you to integrate data from those products directly into your dashboards. 

Node dependency monitoring

The EA Designer also allow you to automatically setup TCP availability monitoring of each of the application components, giving your teams meaningful alerts for fast issue identification.

EAM versus APM

Which should you choose?

Why Enterprise Application Monitoring?

Think applications - not servers and disks

Our unique Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA) technology leverages your SCOM agents to perform on-demand detection of network activity, and correlates this with component level discoveries to automatically determine true application dependencies.

The result: accurate, up-to-date maps of your business applications across your infrastructure, load balancers, website, service, database and servers.

Industry-leading application mapping, using the agents you already have.

Create a single pane of glass for IT operations

To see the full picture, IT operations needs to look beyond infrastructure.

With SquaredUp you can dynamically pull in data from your ITSM and Log Analytics providers - all in the context of your key applications and services - so users can access all your monitoring data via a dedicated single pane of glass. You don't need more data, you just need to better understand what you already have.

The information you need, when you need it.


Share unlimited, non-interactive dashboards

SquaredUp scales from service-level monitoring dashboards, with real-time status and SLAs for IT management, to detailed server-level insights that tie detailed performance data to Visio diagrams for administrators. There's a range of stunning data visualizations to choose from.

Better still, once you've created custom dashboards for all your stakeholders, our unique Open Access technology let's you share dashboards across your entire organization. Push them out to wall monitors or embed them in SharePoint. The choice is yours.

Unlimited possibilities, unlimited sharing.

No new agents, databases or infrastructure

You've already gone through the painstaking process of having to deploy thousands of infrastructure agents across your entire estate, so save yourself some bureaucratic hassle and do more with what you already have. 

SCOM already provides all the infrastructure monitoring data we could possibly need. Whilst our open WebAPI connectors allow you to dynamically pulling in data from your ITSM and Log Analytics providers to fill in the gaps. Simply put, you've done the hard work already.

You provide the data, we'll provide the context.

30 day free trial

Do you like the sound of APM but would rather a scalable, cost-effective alternative that would enable you to map and monitor all your enterprise apps?

If so, you need to give Enterprise Application Monitoring a try. Sign up for a free 30 day trial below.





If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly sales team. We're always happy to help.