SquaredUp case study - Ascension Health

Ascension Health

Ascension Health is a leading healthcare organization based in St.Louis, Missouri, U.S., which provides clinical and network services, facilities management, and more.

15,000 servers

2,600 sites of care

Systems critical to hospitals' clinical operations

Achieving that high-level health state overview is unlike anything you could do live in SCOM natively.

Jeremy Warren

Server Engineer, Ascension Health

The Challenge:

Too many systems, lacking visibility

Jeremy and his Full Stack Tools team needed to find a single pane of glass solution for handling the monitoring for all the different systems within the organization: 15,000 Windows & Linux servers, storage, networking, and their huge breadth of applications.

It seemed impossible to correlate all the information into one cohesive story for his team and the wider business.

With SquaredUp, we were able to stay on top of issues to prevent major outages – proactively, instead of reactively.

Why SquaredUp?

1. Highly ‘drillable’

“We really liked how very drillable SquaredUp is, and the way you can search for something. Performance stats are far easier to pull out and display than in the native SCOM console.”

SquaredUp dashboards allow you to drill into any dashboard to explore the health and performance of individual resources and quickly locate root causes.

2. Get deep insights

“After getting SquaredUp, we created what we call the ‘Arc Essential Reliability Centre’, which is essentially an operation centre to help us proactively stay on top of problems.

SquaredUp played a significant role here. We developed playbooks for all sorts of different things mostly from data provided through SquaredUp.”

Dig into complex problems and get deep insights by drilling down multiple levels into application components and presenting them effectively with clear visualizations.

3. Customize to your needs

“I love the fact that it’s easy to pick and choose from the pre-built stuff, but that you can easily tweak it for exactly what you need. I was able to easily create interactive regional dashboards that different users could click into for region-specific information.”

SquaredUp dashboards can be customized to the exact needs of each team, from administrators to management.

4. Fantastic support and usability

“The times I’ve asked Support for help with things I always got an answer pretty quickly, with links to articles explaining exactly what I needed. Upgrades are easy and, between Support, the webinars, and the Community Answers forum, I get all the help I need.”

A happy repeat customer:

SquaredUp gave us a better way to visualize and see what’s going on. It’s great to be able to say: take a look how the server’s doing. People just love that everything is so much easier to digest.

Jeremy Warren

Ascension Health, Server Engineer