Purdue University

How Purdue University delivered an end-to-end application monitoring experience for multiple technology stacks all within a single-pane-of-glass

About Purdue University

Established in 1869, Purdue University is now one of America’s most respected universities and is frequently credited as one of the best places to receive a higher education in the world. Located in West Lafayette, Indiana - the state's most densely populated city – the university has an illustrious list of alumni, including: Neil Armstrong, Samuel R. Allen and Mike Alstott.

Purdue University currently has over 40,000 students and a further 3,000 staff members, who all heavily rely on applications run and monitored by the IT department. With technology and online platforms playing a pivotal role in modern higher education, a high-performing and reliable IT estate is a key priority for Purdue and can have a direct impact on their reputation and league table rankings.

Purdue University have been a SquaredUp customer since May 2014 and currently have 50 named users signed up for all Enterprise Application Monitoring features.

This case study demonstrates how they’ve used their EAM license to deliver a true end-to-end application monitoring experience.

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Their story

Purdue University had a problem with monitoring but, unlike many organizations, had the foresight to consider, evaluate and re-think their strategy.

Against a backdrop of numerous failed or languishing attempts at delivering successful application monitoring, it quickly became clear that the IT organization was struggling to overcome internal silos and get everyone engaged with the same data.

Struggling to answer the question, "So, what is the health of our applications?", it came to light that accurately surfacing application availability to the institute was an ongoing challenge.

Driven by his enlightened CIO, Shawn Williams was tasked with taking a step-back, assessing the landscape and devising a strategy for delivering end-to-end application monitoring for Purdue University, and to do so predominantly using existing tools and investments. 

The outcome

The result for Purdue was an effective monitoring strategy including rigorous outside-in monitoring, in order to show real end user availability, as well as deep infrastructure monitoring right across the application stack; from F5 Application Delivery Controllers to Linux Severs to Tomcat Databases all the way through to VMWare Virtualization.

In addition to their rich SCOM data, SquaredUp enables Purdue to dynamically pull data from additional tools like Azure Log Analytics and Xymon into a single-pane-of-glass UI, all within the context of a specific application. What’s more, thanks to SquaredUp’s unique Visual Discovery & Analysis feature, Purdue are able to automatically map applications and then view health and performance data right across a complex application topologies, providing users with comprehensive visibility of application and infrastructure health and performance, all within a single portal.

Overall, the results for Purdue included:

  • A single-pane-of-glass providing multiple perspectives on application performance, from end-user availability, to infrastructure health, through to managerial-level reporting
  • Application topologies, including live health and performance data, delivered via Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA)
  • Monitoring data for many different components – Windows, Linux, Tomcat, F5, VMware, MySQL DBs, Network devices and more – delivered through a single console
  • OMS Security & Audit and Change Tracking data, plus data from external systems like Cisco Prime and LibreNMS Libre seamlessly integrated with SCOM data.

Additional information

Seeing really is believing, so we're delighted to share with you a live tour inside Purdue's production environment.

Purdue have made SCOM fly despite having a vast Linux estate and monitoring requirements for a large number of different component. This video showcases the stunning performance and in-depth insights delivered by SquaredUp and is a rare opportunity to see into a real-life customer environment.