Enter our PowerShell competition to win Star Wars Lego

Introducing the free PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack

We've released a new, free PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack for SCOM and to celebrate are giving you the opportunity to use your PowerShell knowledge to win awesome Star Wars Lego.

Hang on, is relevant for me..? PowerShell, that's cool, but I'm not sure about this SCOM business...

Ok, look, we know that SCOM's basically a dirty word.

One reason for that is because there's a huge disconnect between the complex world of SCOM and the world of the IT Pro/Specialist whose servers and apps are actually being monitored.

This is about helping close that gap; most application and infrastructure teams already have a wealth of their own health checks and recoveries written in PowerShell and getting that specialist knowledge into SCOM is now easy. 

Tell us about an awesome script to win Star Wars Lego

Lego Death StarWe want to take community power to the next level by encouraging you to submit an example of an awesome PowerShell script that you think would be valuable in SCOM and made available to the rest of the community.

That might be a script you've authored yourself, or simply one that's out there on the internet already.

We'll be awarding a Star Wars Lego prize for the best submission, so what are you waiting for...? 


Download the PowerShell MP

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