How to monitor the Hybrid Cloud

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Those in the monitoring game might be wondering; how do I monitor the hybrid using SCOM? Well, grab our free ebook for a fresh and SCOM-friendly perspective on monitoring the hybrid cloud.

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Take your IT Operations with you to the cloud

Monitor hybrid cloud environments with SCOM

Have you ever heard of the term cloud bursting? It’s a model of enterprise application deployment which allows an application to run its standard workload in the private cloud and push into the public cloud during peak demand.

Not only does it let organisations keep sensitive data in the safety of the private cloud, but it allows them to take advantage of the public cloud’s scalability – an asset for companies with seasonal traffic, such as e-commerce companies at Christmas.

You see, thanks to SCOM's extensible nature, we believe it's perfectly placed to help you monitor both your cloud and on-prem infrastructure. Better still, with SquaredUp you can view this information in the context of your key applications and services.


Download this ebook to see how you can use SCOM to monitor your cloud and on-prem infrastructure.