Your service-centric monitoring guide

Think applications, not infrastructure...

The world has moved on from infrastructure monitoring. Your business cares about the availability and performance of applications and services, not servers and disks. Download this ebook to discover how your organization can deliver a service-centric monitoring strategy and position IT as a key enabler of business strategy.

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About the Ebook

During this ebook Richard Benwell, the Product Architect and Founder at SquaredUp, explains how organizations that build their monitoring strategy from the top down, and not from low-level component monitoring, realise numerous IT and business benefits, including:


1. Improved application availability / reduce downtime

2. Reduce meantime to resolution (MTTR)

3. Getting everyone focused on a common goal

4. Cutting through all the monitoring noise

5. Better demonstrating the value of IT

6. Lightening the load on your service desk

7. Enriching your monitoring experience with new data


If you've struggled in your attempts to deliver a successful centralized monitoring strategy, then this 33 page ebook is a must-read. Once you've finished, you'll be a service-centric monitoring expert who knows that it takes to deliver a centralized, custom monitoring experience to all your IT and business stakeholders.