Install Community Edition

Choose where you want to install Dashboard Server Community Edition and start visualizing all your data with ease.

Option 1

Download and install yourself

Choose this option to download Community Edition and install on your existing Windows Server.

Option 2

Deploy in the cloud

Get going quickly in the cloud by deploying from the Azure or AWS marketplace.

Getting started videos

Installing and Activating SquaredUp Community Edition

Watch our video guide on how to install SquaredUp Community Edition for the first time using the installer, and how to activate SquaredUp regardless of which deployment method you have chosen.

Get started with Dashboard Server Community Edition

Watch our short introduction video to help you get going quicker with Community Edition. 

Build your first dashboard

See how to create your first dashboard in this 2 minute video.

Visualize from an API

In two minutes we’ll show you how to correlate critical information on a dashboard.

Share with Open Access

Open Access allows you to share your dashboards with anyone.