PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack

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About the Management Pack

Goodbye VBScript, hello PowerShell...

One of the main frustrations with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is the fact it only supports VBScript. Everyone knows that PowerShell is the modern way and everyone knows it’s the language the modern IT Pro is familiar with.

So we decided to do something about it.


Why you need this Management Pack

As part of our continuing commitment to the SCOM community we’re excited to share a new PowerShell Monitoring Management Pack with the community. It's completely free, open-source and we're confident it's going to change the way you and your team engage with SCOM. To get your hands on a copy, simply complete the form above and we'll send full details your way.

The MP adds support for PowerShell everywhere that you’d expect to see it in the SCOM console’s authoring pane.

  • Bringing SCOM up to date with the latest best practice and technologies
  • Supports custom PS monitors, remediation tasks and data collection
  • No more VBScript. Bye bye 1998, hello 2017!
  • Completely free and open source


Release webinar replay

For a more technical orientation, look no further than the release webinar replay below. For any outstanding questions please feel free to ping us a message via [email protected].



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