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Challenge: SCOM has blind spots

SCOM is awesome at two things: it offers best-of-breed monitoring for the Microsoft infrastructure stack, and it’s also an extensible platform for monitoring much more data via Management Packs. But even with its MPs, SCOM has blind spots.

Extend your application map to cover tools within the Data Center, Cloud and DevOps spaces with EAM-X

You might have components of an application hosted in the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP), or your infrastructure might be running on VMs hosted by VMware…or perhaps you want to monitor your DevOps pipelines for changes impacting application health. SCOM can’t easily summarize the status from these tools, so you miss valuable context about the health of an application. This can ultimately lead to business risk due to poor user experience or outages.

EAM-X gives you the complete NOC wallboard covering all your essential tools.

SquaredUp EAM-X gives you the full picture:

With SquaredUp’s EAM-X tier, you can extend SCOM by plugging in any Data Center or Cloud platform: VMware, Citrix, SolarWinds, Nagios, Azure Monitor, AWS Cloud Watch, Dynatrace, Prometheus, Kubernetes and more – anywhere your data lives for your enterprise applications. You get the freedom to scale your monitoring visibility across every tool and platform, while making full use of your existing investments in SCOM and SquaredUp.

Powered by the SquaredUp Ecosystem

EAM-X is powered by SquaredUp Cloud – SquaredUp’s generalized dashboarding platform independent of SCOM. SquaredUp Cloud includes 40+ native plugins (with many more to come), enabling out-of-box dashboarding on top of a variety of tools and data sources. With SquaredUp Cloud, your data center, cloud, and application teams can dashboard data from their tools independent of SCOM, and roll up status from those dashboards directly to SCOM, via a dedicated Management Pack that connects SCOM to SquaredUp Cloud.

A better single pane of glass

With SquaredUp EAM-X and the Cloud Extension Management Pack, you can:

Extend SCOM visibility with 40+ plugins

Integrate roll-ups, alerting, and SLO reporting for all your tools and platforms

Extend your enterprise applications and VADA maps with status from other tools

Delegate health roll-ups to other teams

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