End User Training

Introducing SquaredUp to your users

What to expect

You'll be pleased to hear that we've created a bunch of useful resources to introduce first-time end users to core SquaredUp topics and functionality. Unlike most of our training resources, which are aimed at the SquaredUp / SCOM administrator, these videos are designed for you to share with your end users in order to familiarize them with the basics of SquaredUp. 

There's plenty of material, so if you'd like to jump to a particular section simply click on your preferred topic below.

For those looking for more in-depth or advanced training materials, look no further than our Getting Started guide or the SquaredUp Academy

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line via [email protected], we're happy to help.

Introduction to SquaredUp

With SquaredUp having evolved from an HTML5 web console and dashboard solution for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) into a full-blown Enterprise Application Monitoring experience, complete with features like automatic application discovery and external data integration, there's tons of great functionality for you and your users to take advantage of.

The short video below introduces your users to SquaredUp; what it is, what it does, where it sits in your IT monitoring landscape and the features we'll be covering in this training series.

Introduction to alerts

For most ordinary users, alerts are the face of SCOM and their key interaction with 'monitoring', and yet this is still an area of confusion for many.

This short video walks users through the differences between Monitor and Rule alerts - an important distinction that can be easily misunderstood - as well taking as a brief tour of the alerts UI in SquaredUp, both alert dashboards and individual alerts, highlighting features like the ability to automatically look-up any affected applications. 

Introduction to application mapping

Automatically map and discover your applications using our powerful Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA) feature.

Unlike many other application mapping tools, there's no need to install any new agents, databases or infrastructure, we simply leverage your existing SCOM infrastructure and let your SCOM agents do all the heavy lifting.

VADA is lightweight and non-invasive by design, meaning it can be safely put into the hands of your users, specifically the application owners / teams who know the applications and are best placed to map them out.

This short video walks your users through the basics of how VADA works, key features within the UI, how to discover your applications, filter processes and save your application once it's fully mapped out. 

Introduction to custom dashboards

Create stunning dashboards in minutes using our smart, intuitive Dashboard Designer feature.

There's a bunch of awesome data visualizations to choose from, including status block tiles, SLA gauges, sparklines, dynamic tables, performance graphs and more.

This video walks your users through each of the different visualizations available and the basics of scoping and designing custom dashboards.

Introduction to Visio integration

Enterprise IT organizations have long relied on Visio as a visual design tool for modelling infrastructure deployments and application topologies. 

SquaredUp makes it easy to tie those Visio diagrams - or indeed any custom Visio diagram - to your SCOM monitoring data, and this five minute tutorial quickly demonstrates how you can tie your existing Visio diagrams to your SCOM monitoring data and bring them to life with live health state data.

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