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Need to monitor Exchange?

Don’t deploy yet another monitoring tool.

You might not realize it, but with hundreds of metrics and monitors, Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) monitors all you need to keep on top of Exchange availability and performance.

Sure, the SCOM console is clunky, and your inbox is probably spammed with alerts, but that’s why we developed SquaredUp.

SquaredUp is the essential HTML5 dashboard for SCOM. It let’s you take control of your Exchange monitoring and surface the metrics that matter in fully customizable, real-time views.

It’s the smart way to monitor Exchange.

Exchange monitoring with Microsoft SCOM

Performance metrics

  1. Database: I/O Database Reads Average Latency (ms)
  2. Database: I/O Database Writes Average Latency (ms)
  3. Server: Transport Queue Database Size (MB)
  4. Server: EWS Response Time (ms)
  5. Server: Messages Received/sec
  6. Server: Messages Sent/sec
  7. Server: HTTP Proxy Failure Rate (%)
  8. Server: Queues by Type Count
  9. Server: Queue Length
  10. Server: SMTP Bytes Received/Sec
  11. Server: SMTP Bytes Sent/Sec
  12. Server: SMTP Connections (Current)
  13. Server: Store Messages Submitted/sec


  1. Backup Host – Check Backup
  2. Mailbox – Last Any Backup
  3. Mailbox – Last Full Backup
  4. Check Active Preference
  5. Check DB Mounted
  6. External Aggregate Delivery Queue Length
  7. External Retry Remote Delivery Queue
  8. Internal Aggregate Delivery Queue Length
  9. Internal Retry Remote Delivery Queue
  10. Retry NonSMTP Delivery Queue Length
  11. Retry Mailbox Delivery Queue Length
  12. Submission Queue Length
  13. Unreachable Queue Length

You’ll find many more monitors and rules available in the Exchange Management Pack

We know you’re busy, and the last thing you want is a complicated setup process.

Good news – SquaredUp can be installed in 5 minutes, on any server, hassle-free. No new agents or configuration, just install the SquaredUp web application and go from zero to dashboard in a few clicks.

When things go slow, it’s not just the Exchange server performance that matters.

Is the virtualization host overloaded, the storage becoming a bottleneck, or client applications misbehaving?

With just a few clicks, our unique Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA) technology leverages the SCOM agent to trace Exchange dependencies and pinpoint root causes.

Take control of your SCOM monitoring data and make it work for you with our awesome Dashboard Designer.

Create stunning, intuitive dashboards and data visualisations perfectly tailored to your monitoring needs.

No clutter on your screens – only the information you need, presented in the most usable way.

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