Single Pane of Glass

Contextualize all your SCOM, ITSM and Log Analytics data

A unified view on your IT operations and monitoring data


Enterprise IT means delivering complex application portfolios from vast infrastructure estates, backed by a sprawling array of operational tools, from centralized monitoring solutions to specialized ones, from ITSM platforms to log analytics. But, with data spread across siloed teams and tools, how can you get a unified view on application performance?

Squared Up is a new paradigm in IT operations, dynamically unifying data at the presentation layer (UI), all within the context of your applications.  

Deliver the right data to the right users at the right time.


ServiceNow, Splunk and many more

Whether it’s ITSM data in ServiceNow, Service Manager or Cherwell, log data from Splunk, ElasticSearch or Log Analytics, or data from any of your other IT operations tools, Squared Up’s open connectors allow you to dynamically pull data from disparate sources and seamlessly present it to your users.

Contextualize and correlate

By using SCOM as its primary data source, Squared Up can automatically pull data within a specific context, allowing you to correlate application performance issues with specific service desk tickets, change requests, software updates and lots more. Go from having a sea of data in many different tools, to exactly the right data at the right moment, in one tool.

We make the glass

A single pane of glass is one of the most over-used phrases within the software industry but Squared Up is different - we make the glass. You’ve already got plenty of data and the tools to collect it, Squared Up gives you a brand-new way of contextualizing and consuming that data.

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