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Is SCOM failing you?

It's no secret that Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is a hugely powerful enterprise IT monitoring platform, capable of rich, cross-platform monitoring and full-stack visibility.

It's also no secret that many SCOM installations are ultimately unsuccessful, with users immediately turned off by the complexity and poor performance of the SCOM console, unable to get past all the noise and to the insights they need.

SquaredUp has changed all that, totally transforming SCOM for leading universities all around the world, taking it from an unloved platform slowly gathering dust to the centrepiece of a successful, modern, application-centric monitoring stategy.

Map Every App

Our unique automatic application discovery feature allows you to put the application model at the heart of your IT monitoring experience - all without introducing additional agents, infrastructure or databases - and engage users across the disparate, silo'd teams involved in successful application delivery.

SquaredUp's ethos of building on top of organizations' existing investments and delivering a low-cost solution that produces rapid results and ROI, has chimed perfectly with universities eager to make the most of their current investments rather than reinvent the wheel by introducing expensive new solutions which simply replicate current capabilities.



Blackboard Learn

For many universities, Blackboard Learn is a vital application, providing an essential service to students and teachers alike.

Discover how Purdue University used SCOM and SquaredUp to deliver successful end-to-end application monitoring for Blackboard Learn in this special Case Study, including a unique, live tour of Purdue's live production environment.

Introducing Enterprise Application Monitoring

See for yourself

Marketing videos are one thing, but nothing beats seeing results in your own environment. That's why we offer a fully-featured, 30-day free trial, so we can let the product do the talking and you can see the results for yourself.