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Azure integrations

Build insightful dashboards with your data in Azure.

You’ve got the data streaming into the Azure Monitor workspaces, now it’s time to put it to use in a dashboard. SquaredUp integrates with Azure Monitor Log Analytics and Application Insights to make it easy.

SquaredUp Integrations - azure network performance dashboard

Sample Azure Dashboard

Here’s an example dashboard and the query behind the visualization.

SquaredUp Integrations - azure sample dashboard
SquaredUp Integrations - azure sample cpu performance dashbaord

Share with the team

Proudly share your dashboard as many times as you want, using Open Access.

How to visualize Azure Monitor data

step one

Select the Azure tile.

SquaredUp Integrations - azure select visual
step TWo

Choose how you want to visualize your Azure data. The choice is yours from a single value (scalar) to a grid of data, a line graph, bar, donut, or two different status blocks.

SquaredUp Integrations - azure select visualisation
step Three

Choose the provider to connect to the Azure workspace.

SquaredUp Integrations - azure choose provider
step FOUR

Enter your KQL query.

SquaredUp Integrations - azure enter kql query

Build a beautiful dashboard with KQL

All you need to build awesome Azure dashboards is KQL. Write your own or use the queries saved in Azure portal by your KQL experts to visualize:

  • VM Insights
  • Network Insights
  • Sentinel
  • Security Centre
  • …and much more!
SquaredUp Integrations - azure build beautiful dashboards with kql

Available across our suite of products

For the dashboard hero who needs to provide answers across the business.

For cloud teams who need to take control of Azure cost and performance.

For monitoring teams who need to unlock insights from Microsoft SCOM.

Want to learn more?

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