SquaredUp powershell integration

PowerShell integration

Easily unlock your data from anywhere.

PowerShell is the Swiss Army Knife for modern infrastructure data. Wherever your data resides, PowerShell can probably work with it. PowerShell can work with crazy text formats, esoteric databases, and endpoints that are open on the internet. If you can access it, PowerShell can work with it. But what happens when you want to share that data across your team? With SquaredUp’s PowerShell integration, you can give your users the information they need in a format that makes sense.

Sample PowerShell Dashboard

Here’s a dashboard that uses VMware’s PowerCLI to connect to an ESX landscape. All the tiles share the same Profile and Run As account but pull back different information and run on different schedules.

Powershell dashboard example

And here’s a peek at the query behind one of the visualizations.

Powershell query example

And when you click the Next button, the response data from your script is displayed so you can instantly verify if it’s the data you’re expecting.

powershell example response

As you can see, we’re using a PowerShell cmdlet to pull back information and then format it so that users can instantly recognize when something isn’t working. Instead of sharing plain text, now you can communicate quickly and clearly to get the job done right the first time.

Find more examples in our Dashboard Gallery!

Share the insights across the team

Once you have the visualizations you want, use SquaredUp’s Open Access feature to share your dashboard with the organization.

How to visualize PowerShell data in five steps

Step ONE

Select the PowerShell tile.

Powershell select an integration
Step TWO

Choose how you want to visualize your PowerShell script– a single value (scalar), a grid of data, a line graph, sparklines, bar, donut, or two different status blocks.

Select a visualization

Set up your PowerShell environment by choosing a Run As account, a profile, or both.

Powershell environment

Supply your PowerShell script and validate the response data at the same time.

Powershell script example

(Optionally) Add some finishing touches like showing or hiding columns, making the rows clickable, adding a legend or labels to get the point across.

Available across our suite of products

For the dashboard hero who needs to provide answers across the business.

For cloud teams who need to take control of Azure cost and performance.

For monitoring teams who need to unlock insights from Microsoft SCOM.

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