SquaredUp splunk integration

Splunk integration

Unlock your Splunk data without giving away the keys to the kingdom.

You have Splunk and you’re heavily invested in it. How can you easily share you Splunk insights with your users without having to train them? With SquaredUp and the Splunk integration, it’s easy to pull out the data your users need, without the hassle.

Sample Splunk Dashboard

Here’s a dashboard that uses the same Splunk Index but converts the results into a variety of visualizations.

Splunk example dashboard

And here’s a peek at the query behind one of the visualizations.

splunk integration - query example

It’s as easy as copy-and-pasting your existing Splunk queries. This dashboard takes the results from the search and places them into 30 minute bins. Then it performs some statistics by counting the host by time.

Share the insights across the team

Once you have the data visualized how you want, you can use Open Access to share it across the organization.

How to visualize Splunk data in five steps


Select the Splunk integration tile.

splunk integration - select an integration

Choose how you want to visualize your Splunk data – a single value (scalar), a grid of data, a line graph, sparklines, bar, donut, or two different status blocks.

splunk integration - select a visual
STEP Three

Select your provider.

splunk integration - select provider

Supply your Splunk Search query. Your query can be as straightforward (or complicated) as it needs to be to get the job done.

splunk integration - search criteria

(Optionally) Add some finishing touches like showing or hiding columns, making the rows clickable, adding a legend or labels to get the point across.

Available across our suite of products

For the dashboard hero who needs to provide answers across the business.

For cloud teams who need to take control of Azure cost and performance.

For monitoring teams who need to unlock insights from Microsoft SCOM.

Want to know more?

For some high-level use-cases, here are some articles about the Splunk tile:

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