EAM Plus

Power up your subscription

What is EAM Plus?

You face one of the toughest questions in IT - how do I monitor all my enterprise applications?

We built Enterprise Application Monitoring in 2016 to help you answer the challenge. You told us you love it, and you told us you wanted more. 

So, we listened, and we built what some might call the, 'ultimate EAM experience'

That's right, we've launched a new license tier, called EAM Plus. It comes with all the goodness of EAM, plus the extras listed below. 


How do I get my hands on it?

So you like what you hear? Awesome. EAM Plus costs 20% more than a standard EAM subscription. Visit our pricing page to find out more, or email [email protected] for a quote. 

Unlock the full capabilities of EAM

PowerShell Availability Monitoring

Measure the availability of any application with our powerful custom PowerShell availability monitoring.

Node dependency monitoring

Automatically setup TCP availability monitoring between each of the application components, giving your teams meaningful alerts for fast issue identification.

Message end users with service status

Update your business dashboards with accurate availability information and meaningful status messages for your service desk and end users.

A fully featured test license

Grab a fully featured test / dev license with every EAM Plus subscription. You'll get to test in your development environment exactly what you plan to use in production.

30-day free trial

We’d much rather let the product do the talking.

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