The smart way to dashboard Azure

Azure dashboards straight out of the box. Expose your data without the fuss. 

How much is your time worth?

This is an important question, and it goes hand in hand with: why do you need an Azure dashboard to start with? Generally, the benefit comes from quickly being able to spot trends, drill down to investigate problems and get a good overview of how your Azure tenant is performing.

While a Grafana dashboard offers nice visualizations, if you have to spend weeks learning a new tool, building custom dashboards, getting to grips with the data and deciding what you need to surface, you have to ask yourself: is your time better spent elsewhere?

SquaredUp vs. Grafana: The Big Debate

While Grafana’s customizations take time and hard work to set up, SquaredUp for Azure’s out-of-the-box dashboards and drilldowns give you a single pane of glass view of your Azure tenant in minutes. So you can focus on keeping your applications online and your end-users happy.

All this from $750 per year! 

Dashboard framework


  • Gain insights straight away with range of default dashboards
  • Drill through an entire Azure tenant out of the box
  • Queries can be linked to an object to provide a dynamic and interactive experience


  • No default views – need to be custom-built 
  • Drill-through dashboards need to be specifically designed
  • Custom KQL queries are required for dynamic dashboards

Cost Analysis


  • Quickly identify savings with out-of-the-box cost tiles
  • Expose costs ‘in context’ for each IT and app team
  • Identify ‘zombie’ resources that are under-utilized but costing you money


  • Grafana does not currently have a way to expose spending in Azure



  • Integrations available with 100s of applications with the Web API tile
  • Dedicated ServiceNow integration 


  • Integrations available with 100s of applications

Try it for free

What is your time worth? Try SquaredUp for Azure, free for 30 days and discover how much you could save.

Within an hour of deploying it we found about $100,000 worth of savings year over year.

Global IT Lead, multinational engineering company