Visualizing Kusto with SquaredUp

Put Kusto in context and get real insight from your Log Analytics.

Monitoring data is not always metric – in fact, most of the data stored in Azure Monitor is in Logs. Many organizations collect the log data from their Azure resources and/or servers on premise, but just collecting data isn’t enough. So how do you extract the value from that data and use it practically?

Put Kusto in context

SquaredUp lets you visualize your Logs data with a KQL query and put that into context alongside performance, alerts, cost, and data from other tools to create a comprehensive view for all stakeholders.

Drill into your data... fast

Using “Perspectives”, quickly access more relevant data for the resource you drill into. Use perspectives to easily baseline the standard data visualizations across different resource types.

A view for every team

Deploy Azure Monitor Solutions to collect different aspects of monitoring data for your resource and share it with the right teams easily using the Teams folders.