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Dashboard Fridays


Sometimes all you want to do is visualize the data. By combining SquaredUp’s powerful visualizations with SQLFacts’ powerful suite of free tools, you get one uber-powerful too!

Dashboard Fridays


This free Salesforce dashboard communicates company performance in real time, in a way that engages teams across the business, e.g. Engineering and Marketing.

AdventureWorks - SquaredUp SQL dashboard

Dashboard Fridays


Microsoft provides a common dataset called AdventureWorks when learning how to use SQL Server. Using SquaredUp, the AdventureWorks dataset can easily be visualized in any organization.

Dashboard Fridays

SQL Page Timeframe

Sometimes, the hardest thing to deal with when designing a dashboard are date and time fields. This SQL Page Timeframe dashboard demonstrates how the current date and time are displayed, along with an example utilizing the Page Timeframe feature of SquaredUp.

Zendesk Support Dashboard - SquaredUp

Dashboard Fridays

Zendesk Support Dashboard

Challenge The Support Team wanted to be able to display and report to the rest of the business how many tickets are being received each day, on which product and topic. It also provides service data such as the distribution of tickets between support engineers, how many replies per ticket, and the average 1st response...

Dashboard Fridays

Log Analytics VM Updates

Challenge In today’s hybrid cloud journey that more and more organizations are traversing, centralized data collection and management has become crucial. With an ever-growing adoption of Azure, monitoring and system administrators prefer sending all the important data to Azure’s workspace for easy access and management. With this sea of data flowing into Azure workspaces, it...

VMware Status Dashboard in SquaredUp

Dashboard Fridays

VMware Status Dashboard

Challenge Virtualization Administrators generally interact with ESX via vCenter or the command line. With either option, sharing information can be troublesome because the data is not timely or is visually unappealing. We wanted to build a VMware status dashboard to surface information from a VMware virtualization stack in real-time, make it visually appealing, and make...

Jira Health Dashboard built in SquaredUp

Dashboard Fridays

Jira Health Dashboard

Challenge While the querying and visualizations in Jira are decent, it is not possible to combine them with data from any other sources. It is also a known limitation that when accessing the Jira Web API, you are often limited to 100 results per query. Moreover, any dashboard you build can only be shared with...

PagerDuty alerting dashboard - alerting from PagerDuty and external sources

Dashboard Fridays

PagerDuty Alerting Dashboard

See a slick PagerDuty alerting dashboard built in SquaredUp. It lets you see alerts sent to PagerDuty from any source, like Pingdom.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Dashboard

Dashboard Fridays

Symantec Endpoint Protection Dashboard

Challenge Endpoint protection is one of the key components in the overall security posture of any company. An easy way to retrieve real time information for a broad audience without giving direct permission on the Endpoint Management Systems was required. Solution Through the use of the native PowerShell tile in SquaredUp, it is possible to...

Solarwinds orion nodes dashboard

Dashboard Fridays

SolarWinds Orion Nodes Dashboard

Challenge SolarWinds requires an account and some level of training for a user to consume and observe the node’s status, especially as the dashboard experience in SolarWinds is overwhelming. In addition, the NOC team needs unified SolarWinds dashboards with the same experience to observe the status of various monitoring systems all-in-one place. Solution Using the...

Dashboard Fridays


Description This dashboard gives an overview of Pingdom checks using PowerShell scripts against the Pingdom API Monitor Health – Status block tile showcasing health and last response time Monitor Status – Donut tile summarizing checks by status Monitor by Type – Donut tile summarizing checks by check type Monitor Last Response Time – Scalar tile...

7 ways to visualize SQL script in SquaredUp dashboards

Dashboard Fridays

SQL Samples Dashboard

Challenge The challenge was to use one basic SQL query and demonstrate different ways to visualize that query using SquaredUp’s native visualizations. Solution When working with a customer, the SQL visualization requirement kept changing because the target audience kept changing. In order to demonstrate how flexible SquaredUp is, we needed to build a dashboard that displayed...

Uptime Robot dashboard

Dashboard Fridays

UptimeRobot Dashboard

See an example Uptime Robot dashboard built in SquaredUp using Uptime Robot’s website monitoring features. Download for free.

Dashboard Fridays

Azure Virtual Machine Health Dashboard

Challenge The Azure Management Services team at Catapult required a quick way to visualize the key health pieces for their customers, using a visually intuitive dashboard. Solution At Catapult, we ported our existing Azure workbook dashboards to SquaredUp through migrating the existing Log Analytics queries that they were built on. SquaredUp provided us with a...

SquaredUp Azure DevOps Dashboard

Dashboard Fridays

Azure DevOps Dashboard

Challenge While Azure DevOps does offer a dashboard, it is limited in the options users are allowed to query – e.g. each tile on the native dashboard must be set for a specific pipeline. Our DevOps Team needed a solution that would easily display data on our builds, release pipelines and agent usage. Because we...

Business KPIs Dashboard SquaredUp

Dashboard Fridays

Excel Business KPIs Dashboard

Challenge Each department has their own KPIs and their own way of tracking them. They also have their own tools, so it was difficult to present the data to the management and the data correlation was manual and hence prone to errors. Collating reports from multiple tools took too much time and data visualization was...

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