Mastering Azure Monitor, with Richard Benwell

With more and more businesses moving into the cloud, many of us are increasingly faced with the need to monitor our Azure applications in Azure Monitor – but where to start? If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed by the platform’s sheer range of functionality, you’re not alone, and we’ve got some useful resources for you.

At the first ever virtual UK Azure User Group, our Founder and CEO Richard Benwell presented an insightful talk called ‘Mastering Azure Monitor’. (Big thank you to the 300 attendees who turned up!)

Taking it from the top, Richard discusses the fundamental importance of monitoring and gives us a useful big picture overview of Azure Monitor, before quickly moving on to the basics of Logs, Metrics, Alerts and Workbooks. He then dives into Application Insights, explores advanced monitoring with Log Analytics and KQL, and finally explains how to create the killer Azure dashboards your business needs – in particular, dashboards to help manage those mystery Azure costs that are driving you up the wall. A bonus bit of content is a fascinating peek at the little-known history of Azure Monitor itself!

Click here for slides.

Whether you are completely new to Azure Monitor or have been navigating this maze for a while now, this demo-heavy talk will no doubt help demystify your relationship with the platform.

Some useful resources to use in conjunction with this presentation are:


1. Azure Monitor Learning Path series

In this 9-part series put together by the SquaredUp Tech Evangelists, we aim to take readers from Azure Monitor ‘zero to hero’. Topics covered include Logs, Solutions, KQL, data visualization, AppInsights basics, mastering APM with AppInsights, and alerting.


2. Kusto 101 – A Jumpstart Guide to KQL

This article written by CEO Richard Benwell is a handy introduction to KQL that will get you started with writing your own queries.

If you’ve read the blog and would like to learn more about KQL, look out for our upcoming Kusto series that will delve into the workings of more advanced queries! Sign up here if you’d like it in your inbox when it’s published.