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5 awesome Management Packs you can get for free!

We've pulled together a nifty little infographic which details five of the best SCOM Management Packs you can download for free.


How to automatically map your applications using SCOM

Over the past 4 weeks, we’ve hosted a number or light-touch webinars to demonstrate how attendees could automatically map their applications using SCOM. We’ve now made a recording of this webinar available below. Enjoy! Webinar Agenda 1. The challenge of Enterprise Application Monitoring2. Intro to VADA: What it does3. Intro to VADA: How it works4....


How to enable HTML email notifications for SCOM

We hope you found the first topic of our coffee break series useful. For those who missed it, or would like to watch it again, you can catch up here.


Role-Based Navigation + User and Group Permissions in v3.1

In our blog series on new and enhanced features in SquaredUp v3.1; Visual Application Discovery & Analysis & Enhanced Performance Reporting


How to get your colleagues engaged with SCOM – by Martin Ehrnst

We were delighted to feature in Martin Ehrnst's recent blog on Getting your colleagues engaged with SCOM.


Rob Beekman Compares Vendors in the Citrix Logon Simulator Market

A recent report by Rob Beekmans in which he takes a deep-dive look at the various options available for Citrix Logon Simulators.


An in-depth look at Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA)

Automatically discover and map your applications with one of the most exciting features in SquaredUp: Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (aka “VADA”).


Free Citrix Logon Simulator Management Pack

In this month’s Citrix Masterclass, Richard Benwell presented a new community Management Pack for simulating logons to Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop via NetScaler and StoreFront. The challenge was to be able to create a MP that, once installed and configured, would perform regular, automated application launches in Citrix to ensure your applications are available to...


OpsMgr Group Health Rollup Configuration Task Management Pack

More news from the one-man SCOM Survival Kit otherwise known as Tao Yang, MVP. A SCOM user bugbear that we’ve come across time and time again at SquaredUp is that when you create a group in SCOM it doesn’t by default have a health rollup monitor, meaning that the health state stays in the grey/uninitialized...


Putting a group of servers into maintenance mode

Putting a group of servers into maintenance mode is a pretty common requirement. For example, you’re about to push out a patch to a group of servers that will require a reboot, and you don’t want SCOM to raise any alerts during this period. In theory, this shouldn’t be difficult to do. Any object in...


How to: Edit company knowledge using a browser

A built-in knowledge base Operations Manager has a great knowledge base feature built right in to the product. When you view an alert you can read ‘product knowledge’ and ‘company knowledge’ to help you understand and respond to the alert.‘Product knowledge’ is supplied by the original author of the monitor or rule – such as...

Dashboard Fridays

Microsoft 365

Challenge Monitoring Cloud services through SCOM is difficult at the best of times. The problem is, M365/O365 is very visible to your end users, so it’s obvious straight away when something is down. To be proactive, you need decent monitoring capabilities, which is what this FREE M365 dashboard MP gives you: Centralized reports on Microsoft...