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From humble beginnings in 2011, SquaredUp is the IT operations tool of choice for thousands of users within hundreds of the world’s largest enterprise organizations.

The combination of a great product, a transparent pricing model and outstanding support means that, whilst we’re lucky enough to count some of the world’s leading brands among our customers, we also have hundreds of other happy customers around the world, all using the same great product, for the same price and getting the same great service.

How to build insightful M365 Analytics Dashboards with SquaredUp and Microsoft Graph API (Part 2)
Dashboard Server: Working with the WebAPI tile

Learn how to bring external data into SquaredUp Dashboard Server using the WebAPI tile.

How to build insightful M365 Analytics Dashboards with SquaredUp and Microsoft Graph API (Part 1)

With SquaredUp, easily visualize the data produced by your organization’s M365 tenant so you can manage licenses, usage, capacity, and more.

Getting started with Dashboard Server

A quick introduction to Dashboard Server, a dashboarding product that lets you and your team create beautiful dashboards for any tool or data.

Dashboard Server Learning Path

Embark on a learning journey with Sameer, our Tech Evangelist, as he learns all there is to know about Dashboard Server.

Visualize your DevOps data for free

With this free tool, you can connect to just about any data source you can imagine and build beautiful dashboards in just a few minutes.

Working with the WebAPI tile – tips & tricks

Learn how best to connect to external data sources and display them in your SquaredUp dashboards.

The Big SCOM Survey: Results and expert analysis

What’s the future of SCOM? How do others set up their SCOM landscape? See what the SCOM community and experts have to say.

The Big SCOM Survey: Full results

Check out the the Big SCOM Survey results in full to understand the state of SCOM.

Dashboard competition: Win a Star Wars LEGO set worth $800

Join the exciting dashboard competition as part of our Dashboard Server product launch!

How to embed Grafana visualization in SquaredUp

A step-by-step guide to getting all your data from Grafana and SquaredUp into a single pane of glass.

Post-event review: SCOMathon Workshop Week

See what the SCOM community thought of SCOMathon Workshop Week and what else we have in store!