Our Community Edition license is no longer available

Here's everything you need to know

As of July 2018, we are no longer offering a free Community Edition (CE) license.

If you are an existing Community Edition customer, we will continue to provide you with a Community Edition license for Version 3.x of SquaredUp and you can use that unaffected by these changes.

However, existing Community Edition licenses will not function with the new Version 4 of SquaredUp, meaning if you do wish to upgrade to Version 4 then you’ll have to move to a paid-for edition of SquaredUp.

If you have a query regarding the renewal of your Community Edition license, please contact us via [email protected].

If you wish to consider trialling SquaredUp Version 4 or want to move to a paid-for edition of SquaredUp, please contact us via [email protected].

Whilst we have chosen to withdraw the CE license, we are continuing to make very significant investments to the SCOM community and provide many other awesome, completely free resources, including;