Windows Admin Center and Squared Up

Everything you need to know about our Beta extension for Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center brings a modernized, simplified, integrated and secure remote management experience to Windows Server.

Squared Up - the transformative operations console for Enterprise IT – now integrates with Windows Admin Center (formerly known as Project Honolulu) via our dedicated extension (Beta), bringing long-term performance data, real-time server dependency insights, application-awareness and even data from third-party tools like Splunk and ServiceNow directly to your new server management experience, all through a fast, modern, intuitive, single-pane-of-glass UI.

If you’re new to Squared Up, here’s what you need to know…


Please note: this extension is currently in public Beta

What is Squared Up?

Squared Up is a transformative operations console for Enterprise IT which connects to Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager (aka SCOM).

In short that means;

If your organisation already has System Center Operations Manager, then Squared Up is the essential addition to your environment, loved by thousands of enterprise organisations around the world for the way it transforms their infrastructure and application monitoring experience.

However, if your organisation doesn’t already have System Center Operations Manager or plan to implement it, then Squared Up and our Windows Admin Center Extension (Beta) are unlikely to be relevant for you.

You’ll need to be underway with Squared Up itself in order for our extension for Windows Admin Center to work.


How it works

Squared Up is a lightweight, on-prem, web app that connects to your System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) environment, delivering fast, HTML5 dashboards, long-term performance reporting, automatic application discovery and the ability to seamlessly integrate data from the likes of ServiceNow, Splunk, Azure Log Analytics and many more external data sources.

If you’d like to know more about how Squared Up transforms your enterprise IT monitoring experience, why not check out the following overview.

If your organisation has SCOM but isn’t already underway with Squared Up then you, or your SCOM administrator, can request a fully-featured, free trial anytime. With no new infrastructure or databases required and taking just 10 minutes to install and configure, you can be up and running with Squared Up at a speed you won’t believe.



A quick overview of how Squared Up works



About the extension

The extension (Beta) allows you to connect your Squared Up deployment, either trial or production, to Windows Admin Center and seamlessly embed the Squared Up views for any given server within the Windows Admin Center experience for that server. As well as surfacing things like long-term performance data or what application a server is a part of, the extension also allows you to easily break out into Squared Up views for the rest of your infrastructure and application estate.


How to install the extension

The Squared Up extension is available directly from the third-party extension feed that's integrated into Windows Admin Center, meaning it’s incredibly easy to get underway;

  1. Request an access code via the form below
  2. Launch Windows Admin Center
  3. In the top right, click the gear icon
  4. Click 'Manage Extensions'
  5. Select 'Squared Up (Preview)' from the list of available extensions.
  6. Click 'Install'
  7. Click 'Confirm' to install the extension
  8. Apply the activation code sent to you via email

Please note that you'll need to have an existing Squared Up for SCOM deployment to connect the extension to in order for it to function. 

Request access

In order for your Squared Up extension for Windows Admin Center (formerly known as Project Honolulu) to work, your organisation must first have both Squared Up and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager.

Using the form below, you can request:

  • An access code for our Windows Admin Center extension
    If you’re an existing Squared Up customer or trialist, this is all you’ll need to get underway.
  • A 30 day, fully-featured free trial of Squared Up
    If you’re not already using Squared Up but you have SCOM and want to check out both Squared Up and our Windows Admin Center extension, be sure to request a free trial (as well as an access code for the extension).