HTML5 dashboards for SCOM

Performance graphs, SLA gauges, heatmaps, sparklines and much, much more

SCOM: Awesome insights lost in a black hole

Let's talk about the basics. 

Everyone knows SCOM is a massively powerful platform but its Silverlight dependencies and the difficulties faced when trying to create decent dashboards on top of it are well documented. 

Ultimately, whilst SCOM does a fantastic job of in-depth monitoring on your infrastructure and storing that data in your Data Warehouse, the console does a terrible job of presenting that data back to your users. So, all that juicy data essentially falls into a black hole and never comes out.

To address this, one of the first things we did was build a super-fast HTML5 web console and dashboarding solution on top of SCOM, allowing you to quickly and easily build dashboards and publish those, in an interactive or non-interactive format, to your users.

Our In-GUI dashboard designer gives you complete flexibility when building your dashboards, including integrating Visio diagrams or pulling in data from external sources like Microsoft OMS, ServiceNow and many more.

Let us introduce ourselves

Monitoring the health of complex IT environments is hard. Squared Up was founded with the belief that cutting-edge data visualization techniques, combined with the power of the SCOM monitoring platform, could solve this challenge. 

There’s no need to install any new databases, agents or infrastructure – just a simple ten-minute installation and you’ll have complete access to super-fast HTML5 dashboards, interactive performance reporting and even our new automatic application discovery tool, VADA (for those of you wondering how that's pronounced, the clue = we're big Star Wars fans).

Although our feature set has now grown well beyond just dashboards, they're still at the heart of what we do and are where it all began.

We love SCOM. The sheer breadth, depth and cross-platform, full-stack visibility it provides are still unrivalled in the enterprise monitoring space and we believe the key to unlocking its potential lies in the User Interface. If you thought SCOM was good before, check out our HTML5 dashboards to see how they revolutionize the way your organization interacts with its SCOM data.

We put SCOM at the heart of your enterprise application monitoring strategy.



A closer look at our HTML5 dashboards

We've included a nice little slideshow to get this section kick-started - a picture says a thousand words after all - but for further context we've broken our dashboard functionality into following five elements.


Open Access Dashboards

Instantly publish and share dashboards with every user in your organisation, all without setting up user profiles or putting any additional load on your back-end infrastructure.


Dashboard Designer

Design any HTML5 dashboard in minutes with our In-GUI dashboard designer. Transform your engagement with SCOM with stunning UI that delivers point-and-click dashboard creation, no experience necessary.


Community Dashboards

Leverage the power of Community and access pre-built, template dashboards, designed by experts and ready for instant upload into your environment.


Dashboard Visualizations

Squared Up provides a wide and ever-growing range of visualizations - Heatmaps, SLA Gauges, Dynamic Tables, iframes, custom images - to allow you to quickly and concisely deliver the right insights to your users.


Total Dashboard Architecture

Our ground-breaking architecture revolutionises dashboards, taking them into infinite new territory, allowing you to customise the way you view any data, giving you the power to turn everything into dashboard.

SCOM Dashboards

Part of our complete Enterprise Application Monitoring solution

Try our SCOM dashboards for free

We’ve waxed lyrical about our HTML5 dashboards for too long already and would much rather let the product do the talking. Nothing beats seeing the dashboards for real in your environment. To sign up for a free 30-day trial just complete the sign up form below. 

For those that need a little more convincing, check out our online demo lab. You'll be throwing us your details after then.


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