VADA: Automatic Application Discovery

Powered by Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

Introducing Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA)

Real-time, cross-platform application insight

Today’s Enterprise IT environment is comprised of a vast array of applications, spread across multiple platforms - some physical, some virtual, some new, some legacy, some cloud, some on-prem – and often with little visibility into application topologies or dependencies.

VADA is our unique technology for automatically discovering and mapping your applications; powered by Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

VADA uses our lightweight Data On Demand technology to allow you to model your entire application stack with ease, for every single application in your environment. Once that's done, you can even save your discoveries as a SCOM Distributed Application. The fun doesn't stop there, you can even view comprehensive health and performance data, across the entire stack, at a glance, so you can easily pinpoint the cause of application issues.

Map Every App



The benefits

We won't bore you with a long, laborious list - so here's just a taster of the awesomeness that is VADA:

  • Automatically map application topologies across multiple platforms.
  • Save and import application models as Distributed Applications within SCOM.
  • Discover unmonitored nodes and external dependencies.
  • Quickly identify where critical issues are occurring within your stack.
  • Trace application dependencies across your estate.

Automatic application discovery

Part of our complete Enterprise Application Monitoring solution

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