Visual Application Discovery for ServiceNow

Start mapping in minutes!

Are you still struggling with mapping your ServiceNow Business Services? Failing to establish meaningful and accurate relationships between your Configuration Items (CIs)? Failing to unlock the power of ServiceNow with thousands of dis-jointed discovered CIs?

Want to map your ServiceNow Business Services to build meaningful, accurate relationships between CIs without all the costs, hassle and time of traditional methods?

Introducing Visual Application Discovery for ServiceNow from Squared Up, powered by Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).


What it is

Squared Up enables you to leverage your business’s existing investment in SCOM to automatically discover, map and populate your Business Services natively within ServiceNow, all without any new investment in platforms, infrastructure, or agents.

Get all the benefits of secure, agent-based, automatic discovery without an exorbitant price tag or overheads and put application-awareness at the heart of your ITSM model.

Why you need it

An accurate CMDB - including a complete, up-to-date picture of your Business Services and the dependencies of your CIs - is key to realizing the value of ServiceNow. But how do you build that picture for not just one or two, but potentially hundreds of applications and services?

Because Squared Up discovery can run from any server that has a SCOM agent and has a ‘catch all’ pricing model, it doesn’t matter how many Business Services you want to map or the scale of the infrastructure they’re deployed on, it's all covered, the very definition of a cost-effective solution.


What is does

Fed by on-demand, real-time data, Squared Up discovery allows you to map application topologies and trace dependencies across your entire stack from right within ServiceNow - including discovering application components all the way down to individual SQL databases - and save those maps directly into your ServiceNow Business Services.

You can even launch discovery from an individual server CI in ServiceNow to instantly see that server’s upstream and downstream dependencies in real-time.


Great, but what are the benefits?

Make the most of your existing investments


  • You’ve already made a significant investment of cost, time, effort and expertise in SCOM. Don’t started everything again from scratch, build on your existing investment.
  • You’ve already done all the complex and time-consuming installation, configuration and permissions needed to power secure, agent-based discovery.
  • Incredibly low time-to-value; no new platforms, infrastructure or agents needed, no complex new security configurations or permissions --> hit fast-forward and start mapping in minutes.
  • Extremely cost-effective, with unlimited application mapping – every server with a SCOM agent is included, irrespective of size or number of individual applications or size of overall environment.

Best-in-class mapping methodology


  • Mapping is performed on-demand; no continuous data collection or storage, no expensive, continuous discovery running against your servers.
  • Assisted application discovery allows your subject-matter-experts to define your topologies and avoid all the noise and flip-flopping of automatic mapping.
  • On-demand mapping means you can get the exact, up-to-date picture of an application at the exact moment you need to troubleshoot.
  • Common processes/ infrastructure noise filtered out by default



How do I use it?

1. Once you have installed and setup the product simply click the Map with Squared Up button on any business service


2. Build your business service’s map in Squared Up with a single piece of information (like the app server’s name), we discover all items that depend on it. Save the map into ServiceNow to create/update CIs and relationships between them.


3. The result – a CMDB populated with items of relevance. 


4. All CIs created have accurate dependencies which can be shown in ServiceNow using native UI