SCOM Community

Harnessing the power of the community to help you do more with SCOM

SCOM is an amazingly powerful, extensible, enterprise-class monitoring platform.

Here at SquaredUp we’re big believers in the power of community and so we’ve harnessed that power to allow you, and every other SCOM user worldwide, to do much more with that platform.

From awesome Management Packs, to a community of thousands of users ready to answer your questions, help is at hand. And the best part..? It’s all free!

Community goodness

We’re committed to solving the big problems of enterprise monitoring. That means thinking big, providing solutions that scale and enabling a vibrant SCOM community where people can help each other do more, faster.


SquaredUp for SCOM: Live Demo with Q&A

Learn to create and publish dashboards, map and monitor applications, and use drilldowns and reporting to troubleshoot alerts.

SquaredUp for Azure: Live Demo with Q&A

Learn to create and publish dashboards, monitor applications, track costs and resource usage, and use drilldowns and reporting to troubleshoot alerts.

Dashboards for multiple tenants in Azure with SquaredUp

See how SquaredUp works with Azure Lighthouse to create a true single pane of glass for all your Azure tenants.

NOC Operator dashboard and the Root Cause perspective

In less than a minute, you can identify the exact source of an alert, isolate the problem and take the appropriate action quickly. Learn how.

Digital Experience Monitoring for Office 365 on SCOM and Azure

Adam Kinniburgh, SquaredUp’s VP Customer Success, and Christian Heitkamp, Product Manager at NiCE IT Management Solutions, join forces for this special webinar where they will discuss cutting edge monitoring and visualization for your Microsoft Office 365 on SCOM and Azure.

SquaredUp version 4.8 is here

This latest release is focused on addressing the most popular enhancements that our customers have requested. See what's new!

Mustache pickers

Learn what you can do with SquaredUp's mustache picker productivity feature.

Working with a hybrid SquaredUp deployment

Learn how to bring your SCOM dashboards into your Azure deployment.

Release Webinar: SquaredUp v4.8

To see the latest product enhancements included in SquaredUp 4.8, join John Knowles (Director of Product Management) and Vincent Babin (Product Manager) on our upcoming release webinar.

Coffee break: SCOM Update Rollup 2

What improvements do we get with SCOM UR2? SCOM experts Leon Laude and Shawn Williams run us through the key changes.

Azure MP part 3: Using it with SquaredUp

The best way to display your Azure MP data in SquaredUp.

Better Azure Resource Governance with SquaredUp 4.7

The Summary Grid and Summary Bar visualizations display a count of resources across your Azure environment. Scope and drilldown according to your needs.