The essential dashboards for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager.


Trusted by the world’s largest enterprises, SquaredUp is the complete dashboard solution for IT operations.

From wall monitor to root cause analysis, from service desk to IT specialist, the enterprise edition has you covered.

Key Features

Visio integration

Fire up Visio, open or create any diagram you can imagine, associate with SCOM objects, applications and groups using Visio shape data and then import into SquaredUp as a completely custom dashboard.

External data integrations

A single pane of glass is one of the most over used phrases in IT, but to fully appreciate application performance you need to look beyond SCOM. Hence the development of our custom integration and WebAPI tiles. Now you can dynamically pull in data from your ITSM and log analytics providers - in the context of your key applications and services - so you can surface the root cause for application performance issues in just a few clicks.

Open Access

Share unlimited dashboards with an unlimited number of users. Open Access renders dashboards on the server-side and so you can provide your users with access to the latest data at no extra cost.

Team folders

Implementing full access control for your dashboards, Team Folders enables you to deliver dashboards and delegate control to different teams within your organisation (or to different clients if you are service provider).

High availability

Configure multiple SquaredUp web servers to be highly available using just a simple network share, ensuring your dashboards are always there for your operations teams.

Looking for more?

Go further with Enterprise Application Monitoring (EAM).

When we see monitoring really succeed, it's when IT is thinking about applications, not infrastructure. Your business doesn't care about high CPU, it cares about IT services that enable your end users to perform their best work.

SquaredUp EAM extends SCOM to make mapping and monitoring your business applications as easy as creating a dashboard. 

  • Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA)
  • Enterprise Application Designer
  • URL, TCP and PowerShell Availability Monitoring
  • Link dependency monitoring
  • Service status messages
  • Unlimited application mapping

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I'M LOVING IT!!!! The performance and usability of the dashboards are amazing and I can see our team adopting this tool very quickly. I can’t wait to show this off to my leadership and colleagues!
Customer love from Curt,
October 2019