SquaredUp SCOM Edition licence updates

SquaredUp SCOM Edition version 5 is a renewed commitment to the SCOM community that SquaredUp will continue to deliver best-in-class visualizations for SCOM​ in a unified dashboard with all your tools.​

To better reflect this, we are making changes to our license tiers for SquaredUp SCOM Edition, by introducing two new tiers: Teams and Connect.

SquaredUp SCOM Edition licence tiers


The Teams edition gives you all the tools you need to achieve that inter-team visibility.

Unlimited shared dashboards means real-time data on monitors all around the office, at no extra charge. Use Team Folders to sort out who has backend access.

All the features of Essentials, plus:​

  • Visio diagrams and custom visualizations
  • Team Folders for access control
  • Unlimited Open Access users
  • High availability architecture


The Connect edition lets you pull data from literally anywhere, and view it in context.​

Get external data integrations with tools such as ServiceNow and visualize data from any SQL and Web API source. All the data from your third-party tools, in one place.

All the features of Teams, plus:​

  • Unlimited integrations
  • SQL tile
  • Web API tile
  • ServiceNow tile
  • Azure Log Analytics and App Insights tiles


SquaredUp EAM extends SCOM to make mapping and monitoring your business applications as easy as creating a dashboard.

Your business doesn’t care about high CPU, it cares about IT services that enable your end users to perform their best work.

All the features of Connect, plus:​

  • Unlimited application mapping
  • Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA)
  • Enterprise Application Designer
  • Availability and dependency monitoring
  • Service status messages

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an Enterprise licence. What does this mean for me?

There are no immediate changes to your licencing.​

Simply upgrade to version 5.0 to take advantage of all the Connect functionality, and the new version 5.0 features. ​

At your next renewal date your licence will transition Connect ensuring you retain the features you’re already licensed for.​

I have an EAM licence. What does this mean for me?​

No licence change. ​

Your renewal remain on the EAM licence. Upgrade to version 5.0 to make the most of all the new features.

I have an Essentials licence, what does this mean for me?​

No licence change. ​

Upgrade to version 5.0 to take advantage of the new dashboard designer​.

Consider a Teams, Connect or EAM licence to benefit from the most popular SquaredUp features, like Open Access, Team Folders, integrations to external data sources, enterprise applications management and much more!​

Are the same discounts available in the new Teams and Connect licences tiers?​

Yes, starting at 10 users, discounts are applied at various user tiers (20, 50, 100, 250); please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Do I have to be on a Connect tier to use the new Web API features in version 5.0​?

The v5.0 Web API features are available with the (old) Enterprise, (new) Connect and EAM licences. ​

Simply upgrade to version 5.0 and start using the new Web API features immediately.​

Do I have to be on a specific version of SquaredUp in order to use all of the features of a Connect tier?​

Yes, to unlock 100% of the Connect Tier features and potential such as the new Web API visualisations and configuration flexibility, you’ll need to upgrade to v5.0.

Do I have to wait for my renewal before I upgrade to version 5.0​?

No. The version 5.0 RC is available to all existing and new customers from Tuesday 15th December.