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Automatically map and monitor your business-critical applications

Identify and fix issues with end-to-end application dashboards

The challenge of Enterprise Application Monitoring

Businesses need IT services that work, and that means applications that that don't go down and don't slow down.

While you might know the status of your infrastructure, do you know whether your apps are available, which infrastructure they rely on and where to look when things go wrong?

Sure, Application Performance Management (APM) tools offer a lot of promise, but with enterprise IT typically responsible for hundreds or even thousands of applications -  from newly-developed applications to legacy apps, across Windows and Linux, SQL and Oracle, on-prem and cloud - the scale, complexity and the cost is bewildering. This is the challenge we call Enterprise Application Monitoring (EAM).

We believe Microsoft System Center Operations Manager is perfectly placed to help meet the challenge of Enterprise Application Monitoring. By using data visualization to better understand the data you already have, we leverage your existing investments in SCOM to deliver a complete Enterprise Application Monitoring solution.

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Putting SCOM at the heart of your application monitoring strategy

Start monitoring end-user availability

When it comes to application monitoring, what matters to your business is the availability of applications to your end users.

Our dedicated Enterprise Application (EA) Designer makes configuring availability monitoring a breeze. Use URL, TCP or advanced PowerShell based availability monitoring to ensure you understand the real status of every application your business depends on.

Every application, monitored from the end user's perspective.

Map applications across your infrastructure

Whilst SCOM does an awesome job collecting health data, the console often fails to present this information back to its users in a meaningful form.

Our unique Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA) technology leverages your SCOM agents to perform on-demand detection of network activity, and correlates this with component level discoveries to automatically determine true application dependencies.

The result: accurate, up-to-date maps of your business applications across your infrastructure, across load balancers, website, service, database and servers.

Industry-leading application mapping, using the agents you already have.

Pinpoint application issues with VADA

When it comes to troubleshooting your applications, it's not a shortage of data that is the problem, but seeing it in the right context.

Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA) projects your monitoring data onto an application map to give you immediate insights into where the root cause of the problem lies.

Your applications, visualized.

Deliver meaningful dashboards to your business

When it comes to reporting application status, it's critical to give the right perspective to each user.

A server with low disk space doesn't matter to end users - and definitely not your SLAs - which is why we separate availability from infrastructure health and deliver a different set of dashboards for end users, IT operations, management and troubleshooting.

End-to-end visibility of your application health.

Create a single pane of glass for IT operations

To get the complete picture of your IT operations, you need to look beyond SCOM.

Integrate data from ServiceNow, Microsoft System Center Service Manager, and other popular ITSM tools, and combine security audit data from Splunk or Azure Log Analytics, to give your IT operators a single pane of glass across all the data relating to an application.

The information you need, when you need it.

No more war rooms. No more blame game.

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