Enterprise Application Monitoring

Powered by Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

Application-focused monitoring for all of your enterprise applications

What is enterprise application monitoring?

The world has moved on from infrastructure monitoring. Your business cares about the availability and performance of applications and services, not servers and disks. But how do you deliver application monitoring for not just one application but for the hundreds of applications your organization relies on?

That’s the challenge of Enterprise Application Monitoring.

Squared Up answers that challenge by building on your existing investment in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and putting the application model at the centre of your monitoring experience.

Transform your IT operations with a customizable, contextual User Interface that engages users across the many disparate teams involved in application delivery and unifies the data from disparate tools and teams into a single pane of glass.

Five steps to enterprise application monitoring nirvana

1. Don't re-invent the wheel

Build on top of the tools and data you already have

2. Focus on your applications

Put applications at the centre of your IT monitoring strategy

3. Surface app availability to the business

Build dashboards that reflect the true status of your apps

4. Contextualize your data

Unify multiple data sources based on the application model

5. Engage your users

A single UI to deliver full-stack visibility

What it does

Transform your investment in SCOM into a cutting-edge Enterprise Application Monitoring experience - from super-fast HTML5 dashboards, to automatic application discovery and even dynamically integrating external data - all delivered via a single, lightweight, easy-to-install product.

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