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Application-focused monitoring for all of your enterprise applications

What is Enterprise Application Monitoring?

The world has moved on from infrastructure monitoring. Your business cares about the availability and performance of applications and services, not servers and disks. But how do you deliver application monitoring for not just one application but for the hundreds of applications your organization relies on?

That’s the challenge of Enterprise Application Monitoring.

Squared Up answers that challenge by building on your existing investment in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and putting the application model at the centre of your monitoring experience.

Transform your IT operations with a customizable, contextual User Interface that engages users across the many disparate teams involved in application delivery and unifies the data from disparate tools and teams into a single pane of glass.


What's included with EAM?

The widget below provides a brief summary for some of the core features included with an EAM license.

Fast, modern HTML5
Open Access
Performance reporting
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Annual subscription
Awesome Support

Fast, modern HTML5

The user interface that SCOM deserves - blazing fast, easy to learn and accessible from any browser. A truly modern user experience that engages everyone with your monitoring data.

Open Access

Share unlimited dashboards with an unlimited number of users. Open Access renders dashboards on the server-side and so you can provide your users with access to the latest data at no extra cost.

Performance reporting

The SCOM data warehouse is a goldmine of information - recording near real-time metrics from every node in your environment. With Squared Up, the tedious days of generating SCOM reports are behind you.

Line charts

One of the core visualisations, the line charts have been carefully designed to deliver clarity, style and functionality for your SCOM data warehouse performance data.

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Bar charts

Often used with the 'top N' reporting features, bar charts allow you to quickly focus on key resource usage metrics such as disk space and network utilisation.

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Use custom images - from world maps to company logos - to provide meaning and context to your dashboards.

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Advanced matrix visualizations

Saving the best until last, the Matrix tile combines multiple visualisations into compact, data-rich grids giving you at-a-glance dashboards for every scenario.

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Visual Application Discovery & Analysis

At the heart of our Enterprise Application Monitoring solution is the ground-breaking VADA technology. VADA leverages the SCOM agent to dynamically map your applications across your infrastructure.

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Application dashboards

Out-of-the-box application dashboards allow you to rapidly deliver meaningful, end-to-end application monitoring to stakeholders across your organisation.

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Almost every enterprise or cloud product these days has a web-based API, and the WebAPI tile enables you to integrate data from those products directly into your dashboards. 

Annual subscription

Squared Up is licensed by named user as an annual subscription, allowing your costs to scale with your usage.

Awesome Support

We're proud to deliver exceptional product support with a team of friendly, technical experts on hand to help you at every stage.

Five steps to enterprise application monitoring nirvana

1. Don't re-invent the wheel

Build on top of the tools and data you already have

2. Focus on your applications

Put applications at the centre of your IT monitoring strategy

3. Surface app availability to the business

Build dashboards that reflect the true status of your apps

4. Contextualize your data

Unify multiple data sources based on the application model

5. Engage your users

A single UI to deliver full-stack visibility

Think applications - not servers and disks

Our unique Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA) technology leverages your SCOM agents to perform on-demand detection of network activity, and correlates this with component level discoveries to automatically determine true application dependencies.

The result: accurate, up-to-date maps of your business applications across your infrastructure, across load balancers, website, service, database and servers.

Industry-leading application mapping, using the agents you already have.

Create a single pane of glass for IT operations

To see the full picture, IT operations needs to look beyond infrastructure.

With Squared Up you can dynamically pull in data from your ITSM and Log Analytics providers - all in the context of your key applications and services - so users can access all your monitoring data via a dedicated single pane of glass. You don't need more data, you just need to better understand what you already have.

The information you need, when you need it.


Share unlimited, non-interactive dashboards

Squared Up scales from service-level monitoring dashboards, with real-time status and SLAs for IT management, to detailed server-level insights that tie detailed performance data to Visio diagrams for administrators. There's a range of stunning data visualizations to choose from.

Better still, once you've created custom dashboards for all your stakeholders, our unique Open Access technology let's you share dashboards across your entire organization. Push them out to wall monitors or embed them in SharePoint. The choice is yours.

Unlimited possibilities, unlimited sharing.

No new agents, databases or infrastructure

You've already gone through the painstaking process of having to deploy thousands of infrastructure agents across your entire estate, so save yourself some bureaucratic hassle and do more with what you already have. 

SCOM already provides all the infrastructure monitoring data we could possibly need. Whilst our open WebAPI connectors allow you to dynamically pulling in data from your ITSM and Log Analytics providers to fill in the gaps. Simply put, you've done the hard work already.

You provide the data, we'll provide the context.

Loved by enterprises worldwide

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We’d much rather let the product do the talking.

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