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Scale your infrastructure monitoring to the cloud

As your business migrates to the cloud, take your IT operations with you

When we speak to customers about cloud migrations we get one of two answers: it's not happening any time soon, or they're planning to migrate about 10-20% of their workloads (typically to Azure, AWS or both). So you need a forward-looking strategy to monitor your cloud resources, but the reality is that the majority of your workloads (the other 80-90% in most cases) is still on-prem.

How do you plan for the future, but still leverage your existing investments in tooling and process? 

First up, we're extending SCOM with free community resources to enable SCOM to better monitor your cloud workloads.

But what about the new breed of cloud-based monitoring tools?

We have you covered there too. Squared Up creates an independent presentation layer that aggregates your existing data in SCOM with data from other tools such as Azure Log Analytics. As you start to adopt new platforms your users don't need to learn any new tools, they just get the data they need when they need, all in a single pane of glass.


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Discover your Azure and AWS resources

If your business is starting to deploy VMs into cloud IaaS then the first step is to make sure you know what's out there.

Our Azure and AWS VM Discovery MPs extend SCOM to enable the SCOM agent to discover which cloud platform - and specifically with cloud subscription - they're running on, along with enabling essential cloud monitoring from Azure and AWS CloudWatch.  Download the MPs here.

Keep track of your infrastructure across on-prem and cloud.

Monitor fast-moving devops environments

Modern cloud tooling makes it easier than ever to provision and deprovision virtual machines, often as part of a devops automation for Continuous Deployment. This can be a challenge for agent-based monitoring tools like SCOM.

To enable SCOM to handle these more dynamic environments, we have produced a Bootstrap Discovery MP that allows fully-automated registration of new SCOM agents and almost instant monitoring of new VMs. Download the MP here.

Get SCOM ready for dynamic cloud environments.

Integrate your cloud monitoring data

You don't need to train your users up on a new cloud portal to make use of the next-generation cloud monitoring platforms. Our Total Dashboard Architecture enables integrations with Azure Log Analytics, Azure App Insights, and other cloud monitoring solutions that exposes a web-based API.

A single pane of glass across your hybrid cloud monitoring data.

No more war rooms. No more blame game.

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