Transform the way you see your monitoring data

Ever heard SCOM described as an alert spam engine? We have.

While your inboxes are drowning in alerts, your IT organization is starved of clear, actionable monitoring that keep your applications online and your systems healthy.

That’s why we created Squared Up. It’s the missing piece of the monitoring puzzle.

Visibility for every team

HTML5 SCOM Dashboard - Executive


For IT managers, NOCs, service desks and even end users, Squared Up communicates the health of your enterprise IT infrastructure and applications in clear, accessible dashboards, putting an end to questions asking “is the app down”?

Our range of visualizations  which includes Visio integration for the ultimate in customization – delivers everything from current availability in redgreen status, to SLA reporting and performance graphing for trending and analysis.

Publish your dashboards to wall monitors and SharePoint with our unique Open Access technology, or give your users the power to dynamically drilldown into any dashboard to fully understand the situation behind the summary.

HTML5 SCOM Dashboard - Exchange


For application and support teams responsible for delivering business-critical services, from Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and Lync to custom line-of-business applications, Squared Up dashboards provide end-to-end visibility of application health and performance.

With everything from URL availability to SQL transaction times monitored, your teams have all the data they need at their fingertips to locate root causes of application downtime.

HTML5 SCOM Dashboard - Infrastructure


For infrastructure teams across your enterprise IT organization, Squared Up instantly surfaces all of the data from your SCOM management packs – Windows or Linux, SQL or Oracle, HyperV or VMWare, Dell or HP, F5 or NetScaler, Citrix or RDS, Azure or AWS, or even your custom MP authoring.

Start with Dashboard Packs designed by management pack partners and community experts, or use our intuitive Dashboard Designer to create your perfect dashboards and drilldowns – allowing your infrastructure teams to keep an eye on the metrics and monitors that matter, and rapidly respond to issues.

How it works


Squared Up is a web application that can be dropped into any SCOM management group – either directly on a management server, on an existing web console server or a dedicated server. It requires no new databases, Windows Services or agents, which means it can be installed in under 5 minutes. Simply point at your SCOM management server to start the data flowing.


Out-of-the-box you have immediate access to every alert, object and performance metric stored in SCOM. Squared Up automatically detects your installed management packs and offers Dashboard Packs with pre-configured dashboards and drilldown views.


Our powerful and intuitive Dashboard Designer makes creating custom dashboards and drilldowns a breeze. Choose your tile type, select your data from SCOM and configure the visualization all in our fully interactive, web-based visual editor.


Squared Up taps directly into your SCOM data warehouse to give your users direct access to both near real-time and historical performance data. Performance reporting in Squared Up is fast, simple and fully self-service, leaving the SCOM Reporting Console to become a relic of the past.

Key features

Fast, modern HTML5
Dashboard Designer
Community dashboards
Performance reporting
Team Folders
Open Access
Mobile and tablet access
Try it now! Visual Application Discovery & Analysis
Azure Log Analytics

Fast, modern HTML5

The user interface that SCOM deserves - blazing fast, easy to learn and accessible from any browser. A truly modern user experience that engages everyone with your monitoring data.

Dashboard Designer

It takes minutes to create dashboards using our fully interactive designer. We've also made sure you don't need to be a SCOM expert, so specialists across your IT organisation can build the views they need.

Community dashboards

Go from zero to monitoring hero by publishing ready-made dashboards across your technology stack, built by experts in the community.


Fire up Visio, open or create any diagram you can imagine, associate with SCOM objects, applications and groups using Visio shape data and then import into Squared Up as a completely custom dashboard.

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The SLA gauge visualization uses the built-in SCOM Service Level Tracking feature to report on application and server uptime so you can report on service levels and downtime.

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Performance reporting

The SCOM data warehouse is a goldmine of information - recording near real-time metrics from every node in your environment. With Squared Up, the tedious days of generating SCOM reports are behind you.

Team Folders

Implementing full access control for your dashboards, Team Folders enables you to deliver dashboards and delegate control to different teams within your organisation (or to different clients if you are service provider).

Open Access

Share unlimited dashboards with an unlimited number of users. Open Access renders dashboards on the server-side and so you can provide your users with access to the latest data at no extra cost.

Mobile and tablet access

Need to troubleshoot while out of the office? Or walk into a meeting with a dashboard on a tablet? All of the Squared Up dashboards, alerts and performance views are available across all devices.

Visual Application Discovery & Analysis

At the heart of our Enterprise Application Monitoring solution is the ground-breaking VADA technology. VADA leverages the SCOM agent to dynamically map your applications across your infrastructure.

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Almost every enterprise or cloud product these days has a web-based API, and the WebAPI tile enables you to integrate data from those products directly into your dashboards. 

Azure Log Analytics

SCOM and Azure Log Analytics data in a single view - anything from IIS log files in server drilldowns to security and change audit logs for your applications.

Why IT organizations worldwide choose Squared Up

Enterprise-ready features

Transparent and affordable pricing

Passionate about exceptional customer support

Backed by a community of over 1000 monitoring experts

30-day free trial

Squared Up is ridiculously easy to set up - no new databases, agents or clients - so you can start creating dashboards in minutes.

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