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A complete HTML5 user experience for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

Visualizing your SCOM data. It's the missing piece of the puzzle.

Have you ever heard SCOM described as a spam engine? We have.

SCOM can be noisy, but we also know that SCOM is the leading platform for Microsoft enterprise monitoring, with a robust, scalable and secure architecture, an extensible management pack design and a mature ecosystem of partners offering full stack monitoring. So why don't users engage with monitoring?

The answer is the presentation layer. Squared Up is a complete HTML5 user experience for SCOM, with industry-leading dashboard capabilities - from Visio integration to performance graphing - and comprehensive, dynamic drilldowns generated by our unique Total Dashboard Architecture.

Daniele Grandini, Microsoft Cloud and Data Center MVP, describes Squared Up as "a must-have for every Ops Mgr environment". We might be biased, but we're inclined to agree.

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Become the SCOM hero


Whilst SCOM does an awesome job collecting health data for your entire technology stack, the console does a lacklustre job presenting that information back to users.

Our unique Dashboard Designer feature will help you transform all that SCOM data into series of stunning dashboards and highly engaging data visualizations: status tiles, Visio diagrams, donut charts, performance graphs, SLA gauges, heatmaps and more.

Beautiful dashboards, effective monitoring.


The SCOM data warehouse is a goldmine of information - recording near real-time metrics from every node in your environment, and retaining over a year's worth of summary data for trend analysis and forecasting.

With Squared Up performance reporting, the tedious days of generating SCOM reports are behind you. All of this data is now available at the click of a button for everyone in your IT organisation, giving them a whole new level of visibility into the performance of their systems.

Blazing-fast and ridiculously-simple self-service reporting.


We've all been in that war room where a critical issue needs resolving, but everyone has a different view on where the problem lies.

The beauty of Squared Up is that it translates the full-stack monitoring data that SCOM collects into actionable views for every team, regardless of their specialism. Take one application and provide multiple perspectives: virtualisation, web, server, network, database and more.

And if you thought your Linux admin would never grow to love SCOM - think again!

A single view that everyone can believe in.


Cutting through the noise of infrastructure monitoring is always a challenge, but with dynamic drilldowns powered by our unique Total Dashboard Architecture you can always find answers.

Even if SCOM doesn't have the data, use our SQL, Web API and Data-on-Demand integrations to dynamically build comprehensive views of any problem.

And once you have the understanding, our built-in alert management and maintenance mode control to finally conquer that alert mountain.

Turn data into understanding.


Squared Up scales from service-level monitoring dashboards with real-time status and SLAs for IT management, to detailed server-level insights using Visio diagrams and performance data for administrators.

Once you've created the views you need, our unique Open Access technology let's you share dashboards across your entire organization - push them out to wall monitors or embed them in SharePoint.

Unlimited possibilities, unlimited sharing.

No more war rooms. No more blame game.

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