Nordic Infrastructure Conference

Nordic Infrastructure Conference

After missing out last year, we're pleased to announce that we're not making the same mistake twice. That's right NIC, we're coming for you!

This will be the 8th edition of the NIC conference, an event dedicated to driving technical IT best practice across IT Professionals and IT-Decision Makers who want to learn from the best speakers in the world.

The main focus for the event is on the following areas:

  • Cloud Technology
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Security
  • Client & server
  • Producitivty & analytics  
  • Automation & management

If you want to hear about the latest product and features, make sure you swing by our booth (#2) for a quick catch up. Failing that you can always check out our vendor session at 11:20 on the 7th.


All the best, the team at SquaredUp 👍