Release Webinar: SquaredUp v5.3

SquaredUp v5.3 continues to help companies reduce tool sprawl and increase observability. With a focus on our most requested features, this release includes impressive improvements to our visualisations.

Our headline improvements include: 

  • Updated status tile: You can now overlay status icons from any data sources on top of any images 
  • Scalars are now colourful: Set the threshold for any metrics and choose a colour 
  • Donuts have never looked better: Set colours according to value returned, and show values as percentages 
  • Default timeframes: Set the timeframe to be remembered by each dashboard, so you don’t have to change it every time! 
  • Publish your dashboards to the SquaredUp community


John Knowles

Director of Product Management , SquaredUp

Vincent Babin

Product Manager, SquaredUp

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