Ha, no cat videos here!


Don't worry, we're not offended, honestly, it's cool. We spend hours crafting a unique and beautiful SCOM infographic for you and you try to leave us for a cat video? We're not hurt. It's fine. Totally fine...

Alright, let's come clean, we'd probably have clicked that link too but, you know what, that video sounds great but actually, it's pretty sh*t, the title suckered us into watching too.

Still, it seems like you're yearning for some awesome video content, so we thought we'd provide you with this wonderful video Introduction to Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA).

Sure, it doesn't have any funny cats in it, but if you're a SCOM administrator it may just change your life. 



You've earned this!

For those of you still with us, your unwavering commitment shall not go unrewarded - we're going to give you the link to the cat video anyway. Partly because you stuck with us, but mostly because we kinda feel bad. And don't worry, we won't be sending you down some inception inspired journey whereby you keep falling from one fake webpage to another - that's just way too much effort. So without further ado, the cat video you've been waiting for is finally available here. Or is it? There's only one way to find out...