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Say goodbye to blind spots and data silos. Get end-to-end visibility of your business-critical systems and applications with the SquaredUp observability portal.

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We wanted to create a modern observability platform with the tools we already had. SquaredUp provided the missing visibility piece.

Anthony Ashmead, Enterprise Monitoring Lead

Why pay to duplicate your data?

Unlike conventional attempts at a single pane of glass that copy everything into a single data store, we leave the data where it lives and stitch it together into an observability data mesh.

Wherever your data lives, it's here.

  • No data duplication
  • No per GB storage costs
  • No integration headaches

Discover the SquaredUp observability portal


A beautifully simple way to find and share answers

Wherever your data is, SquaredUp's powerful and flexible interface makes it easy to find, visualize, understand and share.

Visualize data your way and keep dashboards private or share with the rest of the team.


The big picture across teams and tools

It's easy to get lost in the noise. SquaredUp's unique roll-up architecture gives individual teams ownership over their tools and data, while providing status and KPIs to management and stakeholders.

Get everyone onto the same page

We help modern IT, engineering and product teams work together by surfacing and sharing data across silos to reduce costs, improve reliability, fix problems faster, scale further, and deliver better customer experiences.


Stay informed with real-time KPIs and status.

IT Operations

Proactively monitor your infrastructure all in one place.


Explain cloud costs to prevent over spending.


Gain deeper insights into engineering velocity.


Measure reliability of your service dependencies.

Incident response

Know where to go when things go wrong.


Monitor and troubleshoot your critical automation.

What insights do you need?
The possibilities are endless.

Together, let's make observability better


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How Arup achieved unified visibility across teams and tools

Learn how Arup unified visibility to deliver better services for their customers. No data warehouse. Fully self-serve and scalable.

Customer Workshop 2023

A unique opportunity to meet the SquaredUp team who built the products you love.

Launching a new dashboarding experience 

We’re excited to announce a fully redesigned dashboarding experience. New features include an upgraded dashboard designer, new data sources and much more!

Bad Observability

There’s plenty of content out there telling you how to implement observability, or what good looks like. But what about bad observability?

Grafana vs. Power BI vs SquaredUp

Compare Grafana vs. Power BI, and SquaredUp. See feature comparisons and the best use case for each platform. See the comparison

We are officially a Great Place to Work!

We’re thrilled to share that SquaredUp has been ranked 4th on the list of the UK’s Best Workplaces in Tech 2022! ?

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