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Business intelligence for engineering teams

Insanely flexible dashboards and analytics that unlock insights directly from your observability, cloud and DevOps data.

Data, data everywhere

Product, engineering and IT teams are swimming in data. So why do we find it hard to answer questions like "how are we doing"?

Plug into your data.
Discover and share insights.


  • Intuitive dashboard designer
  • Universal search
  • Object drilldowns


  • Universal SQL analytics
  • Graph analytics
  • Data correlation


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Status roll-up
  • Alert to ServiceNow, Slack +


  • Easy dashboard sharing
  • Connected workspaces
  • Role-based access control

What can your data tell you?

Data-driven engineering teams use SquaredUp

Rather than go out and buy loads of new, big products, we chose to focus on creating a modern observability portal with the tools that we had. SquaredUp is the visibility piece, giving us the plugins to fill all our visibility gaps.

Anthony Ashmead, Enterprise Monitoring Lead

What's new at SquaredUp