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A dive into health roll-up

SquaredUp dashboards sit on top of some very powerful technology. Read to learn all about our health model and how it can benefit you.

Highlights from Experts Live India 2024  

Experts Live India was yet again a huge success! This is a first-hand account from Noorul, a SquaredUp Support Engineer who helped organize the event..


Check out SquaredUp’s podcast series… If you’re desperate to know about all the awesome features we’re building, new data sources we’re connecting to, or to hear stories from fellow customers about how they’re taking their dashboards to the next level, get signed up to SQUPCAST. Hosted by Adam, our VP Innovation, and a cast of…

How to build the ideal engineering team dashboard

What makes a good software development dashboard? Learn how to visualize all your key engineering metrics in one actionable dashboard.

Our 2023 highlights

As we prepare to call curtains on 2023, we wanted to share with you our top company and community highlights from the last 12 months. Learn about our most exciting product updates, watch our favorite Slight Reliability episode, and see how we surface multi-cloud costs here at SquaredUp. SquaredUp highlights Surfacing multi-cloud costs with SquaredUp Learn…

Context isn’t just for Christmas

Can our customer North Pole Industries pull off Christmas Day in their Tesla-powered CyberSleigh, with the help of SquaredUp dashboards?

Introduction: Sameer’s SQUP learning path

Join me on my SquaredUp learning journey. We’ll take an objective look at what the product can do and figure out all the best ways to use it!

Correlate AWS and Prometheus with SquaredUp’s data mesh

Discover how to consolidate data and give it context with the Prometheus and OpenTelemetry plugins in SquaredUp!

How-to surface your multi-cloud costs with SquaredUp

Learn how to use SquaredUp to create a dashboard to visualize and monitor combined cloud costs.

Combining AWS and Prometheus with OpenTelemetry

Learn about OpenTelemetry’s naming conventions and how they help consolidate data from disparate systems like AWS and Prometheus.

What’s new in SquaredUp: 2023 June – Dec highlights

As 2023 draws to a close, we’re celebrating a full year since the release of SquaredUp Cloud – our revolutionary observability portal for product, engineering, and IT teams. In the last six months, we’ve packed in a ton of product improvements, including new visualizations, even more out-of-the-box dashboards, and a fast growing suite of pre-built…

Gartner IOCS replay: Achieving unified observability with data mesh

The single pane of glass is perhaps the most enduring and elusive goal of enterprise IT operations teams. When we polled our customers a couple of years ago, out of 184 respondents, 99% of them rated it as important to their business – with 64% indicating “extremely important”.  The shared dream is to have:   But…