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Gartner IOCS replay: Achieving unified observability with data mesh

The single pane of glass is perhaps the most enduring and elusive goal of enterprise IT operations teams. When we polled our customers a couple of years ago, out of 184 respondents, 99% of them rated it as important to their business – with 64% indicating “extremely important”.  The shared dream is to have:   But…

How to measure engineering team health

As engineering managers, we want to understand our team’s “health” to help them be happier and more productive. But what should we measure and track?

Virtual Customer Workshop 2023

We invited customers from all around the world to meet the team and learn about new product updates at our first ever virtual customer workshop!

Dashboarding Azure Monitor SCOM MI in SquaredUp

Big news! Microsoft have just dropped Azure Monitor SCOM Managed Instance (SCOM MI), their cloud-based version of SCOM.   It’s fully Microsoft managed, and so it promises to take the headache out of deploying, scaling, and managing your SCOM Management Groups.  Read Microsoft’s announcement blog to learn all about it.  If you’re considering migrating to…

Introducing the Notification API

Everyone loves a dashboard, but real magic is when your awesome dashboard comes to you – where you need it, when you need it.

We are officially a Great Place to Work!

We’ve been ranked in the top five on the list of UK’s Best Tech Workplaces (Medium). Hurray!

Head Based Sampling using the OTEL Collector

In this article I demonstrate how to implement head based sampling of your traces using the OpenTelemetry collector.

Getting Started with the OpenTelemetry Collector

In this article you’ll learn how to run the OpenTelemetry Collector in Docker, send spans to it, and then direct those spans to Jaeger.

The Single Pane of Glass in Modern Observability

What is a single pane of glass? Does it have practical applications? How does it fit into modern observability?

Customer Workshop 2023

We invited customers from all over the world to meet the SquaredUp team, network with like-minded customers, and see our latest product updates!

Observability at Scale Needs Summary

The shift from traditional monitoring to observability is widespread, and necessary. It’s the way we make sense of increasingly complex and distributed systems. But when we capture all this data at scale… what do we do with it all? If this data itself had inherent value, we’d all be rich. But in the real world…

Auto-Instrumenting Node.js with OpenTelemetry & Jaeger

In this guide I show you how to auto-instrument your Node.js app for tracing using OpenTelemetry and how to send your spans to Jaeger!