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Launching a new dashboarding experience 

We’re excited to announce a fully redesigned dashboarding experience. New features include an upgraded dashboard designer, new data sources and much more!

Running Postgres in Docker

Stephen Townshend shows us how to set up and run Postgres in a Docker container, a cleaner and simpler way to run it on your device.

Installing Backstage on a Mac

In this short guide I will provide step by step instructions on how to set up and run Backstage on a Mac.

Three Ways to Run Prometheus

In this article I will show you how to get Prometheus up and running as a binary, a container running in Docker, and inside Kubernetes.

Metrics vs. Logs vs. Traces (vs. Profiles)

A clear and concise overview of four different telemetry signals: Logs, traces, metrics, and profiles.

Instrumenting Node.js code with Prometheus custom metrics

How to instrument your Node.js code with custom Prometheus metrics using the prom-client package.

Bad Observability

There’s plenty of content out there telling you how to implement observability, or what good looks like. But what about bad observability?

Grafana vs. Power BI vs. SquaredUp

Compare Grafana vs. Power BI, and SquaredUp. See feature comparisons and the best use case for each platform. See the comparison

SRE Trends from AWS re:Invent 2022

A summary of the SRE and observability trends that Stephen observed at AWS re:Invent 2022 including serverless, observability data meshes, and more.

New Year’s (observability) Resolutions

See Stephen Townshend’s wish list for observability in 2023. He covers both what he’d like to see in the industry, and what he personally wants to learn in the New Year.

Slight Reliability joins SquaredUp!

Slight Reliability is now a part of SquaredUp! Read this interview with CEO Richard Benwell and Slight Reliability host Stephen Townshend to learn more.

Merry Christmas from SquaredUp

What a year it has been. Among many exciting changes, we welcomed a whopping 22 new starters, and launched a new product!