Wellbeing week + Summer Party 2021

    To round off the summer, SquaredUp organized Wellbeing Week for its employees as well as a long-awaited Summer Party.

    Dashboard Fridays

    Join us on this bite-sized video series where we share and discuss dashboards created for the community, by the community.

    New release: SquaredUp 5.3

    SquaredUp 5.3 brings new status image visualizations, conditional colours in scalar, donut improvements and more.

    5 PowerShell Hacks: October Community Round-up

    Catch up on the latest SquaredUp Community news, including topics like PowerShell and Azure Monitor.

    Visualizations with PowerShell - tips and tricks
    Tips and tricks for building insightful visualizations with PowerShell

    PowerShell opens up near-infinite data sources for your dashboards. Here are tips and tricks on how to use PowerShell with SquaredUp

    Our latest SquaredUp Community initiatives

    SquaredUp's latest Community initiatives include: free dashboard samples, a beautiful dashboard gallery and amazing Star Wars LEGO prizes!

    How to screen capture dashboards on a schedule with PowerShell

    How to use a PowerShell script to screen capture your dashboard on a schedule so you can look back at your data from a single point in time.

    Announcing SquaredUp 5.2

    SquaredUp 5.2 brings PowerShell tile enhancements, a Dashboard Gallery full of real-life dashboards, plus a brand new GitHub Samples Repository!

    Community Round-Up: June 2021

    Catch up on the latest SCOM, Azure Monitor and SquaredUp news.

    The Future of IT Ops Monitoring and How to Prepare

    Get top insights into the future of IT Ops monitoring from the presentation by Josh Chessman, Senior Analyst at Gartner

    Dashboard Server: Image and Web Content tiles

    See what you can do with Dashboard Server's Image tile and the Web Content tile!

    SCOMathon 2021 – A big thank you

    Thank you SCOM community for making SCOMathon a big success! Read on for the event highlights and session recordings.

    Dashboard Server: Working with the Azure Tile

    Learn how to query App Insights and Log Analytics workspaces using KQL and display your data in Dashboard Server.

    Community Round-Up: May 2021

    Catch up on the latest SCOM, Azure Monitor and SquaredUp news.

    Microsoft launches M365 Management Pack
    New Microsoft M365 Management Pack for SCOM

    Microsoft have announced a new management pack for Office 365 – M365! It completely replaces the Office 365 management pack and is packed with new capabilities. Aakash Basavaraj, Program Manager at Microsoft, and Sameer Mhaisekar, Technical Evangelist at SquaredUp, joined Bruce Cullen, Director of Products at Cookdown, to reveal the new capabilities of the M365...

    Dashboard Server: Working with the ServiceNow tile

    See how to create a fully functional, comprehensive ServiceNow dashboard - in minutes!

    Key differences: Dashboard Server vs. SquaredUp for SCOM/Azure

    Our free tool Dashboard Server addresses the same pain points as SquaredUp for SCOM/Azure, but this time, for a variety of other platforms!

    Is SquaredUp Dashboard Server the effortless alternative to Grafana?

    See how Dashboard Server is much easier to use than Grafana, while still delivering powerful enterprise observability.

    2 reasons you need Dashboard Server with SquaredUp Connect or EAM

    How to share the joy of SquaredUp dashboards without sharing all your SCOM and Azure data.

    Dashboard Server: Working with the Elasticsearch Tile

    See how easy it is to build a dashboard for Elasticsearch without having to be an expert!