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Introducing SquaredUp Cloud

Announcing the launch of SquaredUp Cloud – a new kind of business intelligence (BI) tool – designed to help product, engineering, and IT teams easily discover and share insights from their data.

SLO walkthrough: measuring microservice performance

See how our SLO dashboards help you identify the right things to measure, get the right data and surfaces results in a way that engages stakeholders and teams.

Incident response dashboard

Incident response: Unlocking knowledge and breaking down silos

Tired of multiple people scrambling across different tools each time an incident occurs? Let our incident response dashboard save the day.

Cloud costs dashboard

How I monitor cloud application costs in one simple but powerful dashboard

Spiralling cloud hosting costs? See how we got better visibility of our multi-cloud apps, by rolling those costs up into a multi-cloud summary.

CICD Pipeline Observability Dashboard

How to get complete CI/CD pipeline observability

It’s not like it used to be back in the day! Before CI/CD, we were building on-premises, service-oriented products following system style architecture and we were able to map out the build system and end-to-end process in a PowerPoint or Visio document. Although time-consuming and inefficient, it was relatively straightforward and the build pipeline was…

Project management dashboard Jira Atlassian

Software Project Managers: get total visibility of all your tools

Software Project Managers need one place to see all their teams’ reports. Get full visibility of all your tools with SquaredUp.

Status dashboards single pane of glass

Status dashboards: Get visibility across teams and services all in one view

This status dashboard offers a centralized view of your applications—across different teams, components and services.

Roll up status from your Grafana dashboards to one big-picture view

See how our connected observability graph lets you aggregate and roll up Grafana data into a high-level dashboard—perfect for your boss!

How to build a dashboard for AppDynamics 

Looking to visualize your AppDynamics metrics alongside data locked in another tool? Try our observability portal now.

The benefits and challenges of a single pane of glass

Why does a true single pane of glass remain so elusive? And what practical benefits can it really provide?

What is a single pane of glass?

Exploring industry perspectives on a single pane of glass: its definitions, primary attributes, and the pain points it can solve.

Build a CircleCI Dashboard to visualize all your CI/CD data 

CircleCI’s powerful features help dev teams automate and accelerate their build pipelines—while also allowing the flexibility that engineering teams need to build, test, and ship code across environments and tool stacks.  But with scale comes complexity—tracking and observing your CircleCI pipelines and workflows across different teams throughout your organization will become increasingly challenging as you grow. …