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Help us build the definitive dashboarding company

At SquaredUp, we use data visualisation to make the world’s most complex IT applications beautifully simple to run.
We are an organically growing and globally successful software company based in the UK, and the creators of awesome IT
dashboards loved by enterprise customers. Passionate about people and technology, we are friendly, innovative and inclusive.
Our company values are: Integrity, Togetherness and Passion.

Armed with a fast-growing team and new products in the works, we are stood on the precipice of a new era.

Our Recruitment Team can be contacted using [email protected]

Meet our teams


Solving real problems
In Engineering, we deliver a killer product. We develop and execute new product ideas from scratch: from research and concept,
to testing and launch.

Pushing boundaries in the realm of enterprise monitoring, we are in the business of building ground-breaking solutions that
cut through the noise – making your monitoring simpler, and that much more effective.

Our focus on solving real problems for customers provides a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment I haven't felt elsewhere.

- Dave Clarke

We build solutions and integrations that, based on the amazing feedback we get from our customers, immediately solve real world problems.

- Matthew Long

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Spreading the word
At SquaredUp Marketing, we are creative, strategic and transparent. Our dynamic team consists of digital marketing experts, web developers, writers and designers.

Together, we tell the SquaredUp story and expand our community worldwide with full transparency – cutting out all the crap.

Engaging with our community is really important to us, we love to attend events and showcase our products.

- Rosie Hodgson

I'm constantly encouraged to keep learning and think outside the box to develop thrilling website experiences, the level of trust for the team is second to none.

- Andrew Harris

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Running the show
At Operations, we run the SquaredUp ship, and a tight ship it is when managed by us! We oversee finance, human resources and general operations, and strive to develop our most important resource – our people.

We believe in full transparency with our employees and work to build them up to achieve their maximum potential within the business.

We build a rewarding employee experience by understanding what matters to our employees.

- Lisa Warburton

Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to SquaredUp growth. We are looking for top talent who we can nurture and develop.

- Rachel Kelly

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Customer Success & Business Solutions

Fuelling the machine
In our Customer Success  & Business Solutions team, we ensure that everyone in our SquaredUp Community enjoys the best possible experience. We are made up of five teams: Support, IT, Apps, Customer Success & Tech Evangelists.

Our friendly and reliable Support team – and the wizards behind our 98% customer satisfaction score – helps to ensure that every customer achieves their monitoring goals with our software. We equip you with the knowledge you need to build your success.

The ultimate stalwarts of the SquaredUp ship, our IT team ensures that the machinery behind the magic stays up, oiled and running at all times.

We deliver friendly, professional and high-quality services to customers and colleagues.

- Adam Kinniburgh

We are passionate about providing industry leading support to our customers, helping them to resolve issues in a timely and efficient manner.

- Mike Halfacree

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Building relationships that matter
At SquaredUp Sales, we are earnest, passionate and ambitious. We build connections with enterprises across the world to ensure they have the monitoring tools they need to build success.

And then we work to make those connections last.

Our Renewals team engage and understand our customers whilst working with them to deliver the best solution for their business.

- Natalie White

SquaredUp has given me freedom in my role and the opportunity to be continually involved at all stages of the sales process. Having the responsibility of selling this fantastic software is a real honour.

- George Read

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