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We are bright sparks who can see the possibilities in the impossible, who get excited about charting new territories together, and who love to do the right thing by everyone. Sound like you?

Add your talent and experience to our team of friendly, low-ego people with a drive to make the complex simple.

Officially a great place to work

We are delighted that SquaredUp has been certified as a UK 'Great Place To Work'. Scoring 97% based on employee votes, that makes us officially AWESOME.

New opportunities

SquaredUp are happy to consider full or part-time hours for all of our vacancies, as well as flexible working patterns. We know flexible can mean different things to different people so please get in touch.

There are currently no vacancies. However, our recruitment team can be contacted directly at [email protected].


Everyone is welcome

We are looking for smart people with passion and integrity who want to join us in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We welcome people from all backgrounds to expand our horizons and be at the forefront of transforming our customers’ lives.

Join us from anywhere

SquaredUp is a global company that is fully committed to being remote-first.

We have gone all-in and are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for everyone, wherever they work.

You'll also find SquaredUp offices in Maidenhead in the UK, Boston MA in the USA, and in Hyderabad, India so you have the choice to work from a great office location too.

Our Stories

What our employees say

"I love the supportive and nurturing culture, fun social events and the quirky humour."
"We truly practise the "remote-first" concept and make sure there are equal opportunities regardless of the place of work. It is definitely superior way of working for me."

Hailing originally from Macedonia, with huge experience in software engineering, Tanja Matoska has been an Engineering Manager at SquaredUp for two years.

"I'm constantly encouraged to keep learning and think outside the box to develop thrilling website experiences, the level of trust for the team is second to none."

Andrew Harris came to SquaredUp for his University of Kent placement and loved it so much he couldn't leave!
He's now our Lead Web Developer.

"I have never worked for a company that acknowledges and rewards professional growth of their employees as much as SquaredUp does. My favourite part about working at SquaredUp is the people, it truly is a family."

Priya Pinjani is a Digital Marketing Executive with an American Marketing Association certification, a Masters in Advertising and roots in Pakistan.

"The supportive culture at SquaredUp has given me the opportunity to develop and progress within my role and team."

Maria Carlsson joined in 2019 straight out of university. As well as being a Hampshire football team coach and Referee, at SquaredUp she's working as a customer success manager.

"Our focus on solving real problems for customers provides a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment I haven't felt elsewhere."

Dave Clarke is another SquaredUp institution! A graduate from the University of Reading, he's one of our longest-standing employees and has worked in the Web Team, as a lead Software engineer and now is a Product Manager.

"SquaredUp provides plenty of opportunities for an individual to grow and the perks are at its best!"

Veronica Graur, started her career in Moldova after getting her Masters and has been a Finance assistant here at SquaredUp for a year.

“I was already well above the typical age-range for Software Developers when I applied for a job here and was impressed at the lack of even the slightest trace of ageism in the process. Indeed, the recruitment process for developers seems very inclusive. The work here is really challenging and interesting, everyone is really friendly and the support the company has given us through the on-going pandemic has been second-to-none.”

Wayne Plummer has been working as a Software Engineer (and resident comedian) at SquaredUp for over five years now!


"I've been so impressed with SquaredUp's move to a remote-first culture. We've adapted so well and kept this great connection between teams. I love seeing everyone at the Friday Wrap Up."

Rachel Kelly
Talent Acquisition Manager


"I would describe my experience of SquaredUp's transition to becoming a remote-first company as 'seamless. This was, in my opinion, the combination of the excellent culture the company has developed with the excellent people the company has attracted and hired."

Steve Rowland
Head of Digital Experience


"I think SquaredUp has handled the transition into becoming a 'remote-first' company really well. It is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture especially when working from home but weekly, company wide meetings keep us connected and give us a clearer picture of what we are working towards. My team's regular check-in calls have also helped ensure that I never feel isolated."

Lydia Shu
Content Writer and Editor


"That SquaredUp was willing to commit to being a remote-first company and then follow through on that despite having been 100% office-centric pre-pandemic speaks volumes about how the leadership listens to its employees and is able to adapt to changing circumstances."

Joshua Rose
Software Engineering Manager


"The company has been transparent throughout the transition and kept everyone consistently up to date with what is happening and how we should prepare for it. The result of this is that, from my perspective as an engineer, there has been minimal disruption to our workflow or efficiency and we have been able to continue to perform our roles unhindered."

Aaron Argent
Software Engineer

Our Values

What makes us SquaredUp


Our passion for pushing past the possible to the potential means we are ambitious and positive. And we never stop learning. 


We are honest, fair, and ethical in our business decisions and relationships with each other and our customers.  


Our community is core to who we are. We are friendly, collaborative, and bring people together over shared passions – whether IT data or board games. 

Learn more about how we apply our values in the wider world >

Perks & benefits

We really, truly care about everyone who works for SquaredUp. The incredible people you get to work with here are by far the biggest perk, but we don’t stop there. Here are a few additional perks we offer globally.

Competitive salaries

Private medical care

Generous holiday allowance

Employee share scheme

Company pension

Wellness perks

A few of our favourite things

Being together

Even if it’s virtually, to go far we have to go together. That’s why we love meeting our customers, swapping boardgames, investing in our SCOMathon community, and organising socials.


We prioritize fun in all things we do. Weekly quizzes, competitions, bakeoffs and step challenges around the “virtual” world are are just some of the things we’ve been doing together. This is a company that knows how to have fun!

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100% office-based to remote-first: SquaredUp’s journey

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We are officially a Great Place to Work!

We’ve been ranked in the top five on the list of UK’s Best Tech Workplaces (Medium). Hurray!

Merry Christmas from SquaredUp

What a year it has been. Among many exciting changes, we welcomed a whopping 22 new starters, and launched a new product!