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Support Agreement


This agreement covers the entitlement to access support services for our hosted software-as-a-service platform, SquaredUp Cloud (“platform”, “product”).

If you pay us a subscription fee for our platform, or, are using the platform during a free trial period, email and in-app support is included at no additional cost. If you pay us a subscription fee for our Enterprise edition product, phone, email and in-app support is included at no additional cost.


Business hoursTickTickTick
Faster responseTickTick
Phone supportTick
Support TeamCloud Support TeamCloud Support TeamDedicated Senior Team
Phone SupportNot availableNot availableBusiness hours
Support EntitlementTeam Owners and Organization AdminsTeam Owners and Organization AdminsTeam Owners, Organization Admins, and Named Contacts
Initial Response Time*4 business hours2 business hours1 business hour
*IRT governs how quickly the Support Team will respond to inbound requests, but does not limit the hours during which the platform is being maintained. Major incidents are dealt with 24x7 and live status of any incident is available at

Business Hours

Per the terms of the Subscriber Agreement, SquaredUp Support operates from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, United Kingdom local time. Support hours may be limited during public holidays in the United Kingdom.

Accessing Support

Phone support for our Enterprise edition product is available during business hours via a dedicated phone number. Requests via email or in-app can be logged at any time, but responses will only be provided during business hours.

Email support can be accessed via [email protected].

In-app support can be accessed via the help link in the bottom-left of the platform interface.

Self-service support can be accessed via

Community support can be accessed via

We may limit or deny your access to support if we determine, in our reasonable discretion, that you are acting, or have acted, in a way that results or has resulted in misuse of support or abuse of SquaredUp representatives.

Initial Response Time

We do not provide a guarantee of any specific response time, however the Support Team will endeavour to respond within the Initial Response Time targets as detailed above. In practice, our responses are generally much faster.

Support Limitations

Issues resulting from use of our platform’s API, modifications to code, or issues with 3rd party services, may be outside the scope of support. We will only provide support for issues experienced in-app, or for integrations which are listed in-app as being supported by SquaredUp.

Free Services

If your use of the platform is not covered by a paid subscription or an active free trial, support is available to you through the SquaredUp Community, available at