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Adam Kinniburgh
VP Innovation, SquaredUp

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If you're desperate to know about all the awesome features we're building, new data sources we're connecting to, or to hear stories from fellow customers about how they're taking their dashboards to the next level, get signed up to SQUPCAST.

Hosted by Adam, our VP Innovation, and a cast of amazing guests, tune in live every 2 weeks for your SquaredUp fix!

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July 24th, 3pm (BST)

Episode 9: A fix of fancy features

In this episode we're having a pow-wow with Dave and Vincent from our product team, who have a bumper update on recent fancy features. We're talking dashboard variables, markdown support, and lots more.

August 7th, 3pm (BST)

Episode 10: Meet our friend, Evidi

In this episode we're thrilled to be joined by Andre from Evidi. Evidi are an MSP who have been using SquaredUp to keep a close eye on their Azure managed services, and they'd love to share what they're doing.

Previously on SQUPCAST

July 10th, 3pm (BST)

Episode 8: Relayed from behind enemy lines

In this episode we're chatting with Matthew Long from our engineering team about how our Relay Agent get's behind enemy lines to surface all your juicy on-prem enterprise data into our fancy cloud dashboards. We'll cover the classic server deployment and chat about some container-based options too.

June 26th, 3pm (BST)

Episode 7: Mid-year madness

To celebrate SQUPCON, our annual company conference, we're handing this episode of SQUPCAST over to the awesome people who make SquaredUp possible, to recap on all the killer work they've done this year. Tune in for demos, delighters, tips and tricks galore.

June 12th, 3pm (BST)

Episode 6: What makes SquaredUp smart

Joined this week by Richard, our Founder CEO, tune in to hear about some killer new features that are a big part of our vision for smarter dashboards. Not one to miss.

May 29th, 3pm (BST)

Episode 5: Terraforming... dashboards?

In this episode we're going to dive into how our Terraform provider can help you automate all the things. Shas Subedi and Nathan Foreman from our engineering team are going to drop in for some high-quality chat and a bit of demo-time, and no doubt they'll blow your socks clean off!

May 15th, 3pm (BST)

Episode 4: SaaSy security chat with the CTO

"I promise we can make this fun", said nobody ever when talking about security. But we're damn well going to try! Our CTO, Richard Jones, joins us on this episode to answer all those burning questions that your security teams need to ask whenever you're looking at a new SaaS tool for your stack.

May 1st, 3pm (BST)

Episode 3: Sales made me do it

"So what exactly is SquaredUp" they keep getting asked. Well in this episode we're going to answer that question. Join us for an end-to-end walkthrough from signing up and adding your first plugin, to all the exciting advanced features.

April 17th, 3pm (BST)

Episode 2: Let's talk Engineering dashboards

We're diving into a really popular SquaredUp use case in this episode... engineering dashboards. We're going to talk about a few of the challenges faced by engineering teams, the common data sources you'd be connecting to, and some of the neat ways that SquaredUp can save your stand-ups.

April 3rd, 3pm (BST)

Episode 1: Welcome, what's new, what's coming

We're kicking off SQUPCAST with some introductions, and a wholesome chat with our product managers who'll show off all the new features and plugins we've added to SquaredUp in the last month.

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Adam Kinniburgh
VP Innovation, SquaredUp