Get ServiceNow data alongside SCOM, Pingdom and more

    All the data from your third party tools in one place.

    Control access with Teams Folders

    Ensure your teams get exactly the data they need, nothing more, nothing less.

    SquaredUp 5.0 is coming

    Get that single-pane-of-glass monitoring dashboard, quickly and easily, with the latest version of SquaredUp!

    Why SCOM needs SquaredUp: Performance monitoring reporting

    Get better reporting on performance monitoring, with SCOM and SquaredUp.

    How to automatically map your applications and easily fix server issues

    When troubleshooting a SQL Server issue, you don’t need all of those single-use dashboards in the SCOM console. You really only need one interactive diagram to help you identify the root cause in a few clicks – and SquaredUp’s Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA) tool is just that. With this tool, you can also...

    Get the full picture with SquaredUp’s ServiceNow Tile (Part 1)

    Display ServiceNow data alongside all your other monitoring tools in an interactive dashboard. Correlate data, find the root cause.

    Get detail AND insight from your metrics

    A SCOM NOC dashboard with drilldowns and custom perspectives. Find the root cause and identify problems before they happen!

    Community Round-Up: October 2020

    Catch up on the latest in Azure Monitor and SCOM news

    Design a dashboard with metrics that matter to you

    The best SCOM NOC dashboard, with all the drilldowns and integrations you need.

    How to avoid ‘toolsprawl’ and reduce monitoring silos

    Want a single pane of glass for your gazillion different monitoring tools? Get that centralized view today!

    Add context to your dashboards from SQL data sources

    Learn how our SQL visualizations can integrate to any SQL database including the SCOM Data Warehouse, and more.

    Azure Lighthouse jumpstart

    See Microsoft MVP Martin Ehrnst's top tips on using Azure Lighthouse.

    The dream team: SCOM + SquaredUp

    Let SquaredUp help you realize SCOM’s full potential. Improve usability, data visualizations, console speed and more!

    Dashboards for multiple tenants in Azure with SquaredUp

    See how SquaredUp works with Azure Lighthouse to create a true single pane of glass for all your Azure tenants.

    Set up Availability Monitoring from the end-user’s perspective

    Keep on top of your end-user’s experience by monitoring your apps with this useful tool.

    Monitor your Network with Link Dependency Monitoring

    Easily see the servers, their services and relationships, and quickly pinpoint the source of the issue.

    Communicate with Service Status Messaging

    SquaredUp’s out-of-the-box Status and Availability dashboards quickly displays your application availability – for easy user viewing.

    Share application status with the Business

    Explore our 5 part series on how you can share application status with the business using SCOM and SquaredUp.

    NOC Operator dashboard and the Root Cause perspective

    In less than a minute, you can identify the exact source of an alert, isolate the problem and take the appropriate action quickly. Learn how.

    SquaredUp version 4.8 is here

    This latest release is focused on addressing the most popular enhancements that our customers have requested. See what's new!