Building powerful tailored SCOM dashboards with Enterprise Applications (Part 2)

    In my last blog post, we focused on creating 29 Enterprise Applications (EA). We also spent some time talking about our Critical Service Offerings (CSO) and Supporting Service Offerings (SSO). And finally, we looked at three out-of-box dashboards. If all you needed was to create a dashboard to control the boxes’ color quickly, you already...

    Better Dashboarding – Grafana or SquaredUp?

    As part of my job as a tech evangelist and a pre-sales engineer here at SquaredUp, I often find myself talking to a lot of people. And understandably, when you as a consumer are trying to evaluate a product that you may potentially invest in, it’s only natural that you want to compare different products...

    New and improved Community Answers

    We are thrilled to announce that among our other big plans for 2021, we have migrated and upgraded our much-loved Community Answers platform! It is now a lot easier to connect with the rest of the monitoring community and get the answers you are looking for. What is Community Answers? If you’re new, Community Answers...

    Building powerful tailored SCOM dashboards with Enterprise Applications (Part 1)

    Each team has a different need but uses similar data. Learn how to build something flexible that will satisfy all three audiences!

    New Health Explorer for Azure VMs

    Finally, a proper health model and health explorer for Azure virtual machines!

    Kusto: Custom Logs in Log Analytics

    Part of our Kusto series, this is a thorough guide on how to use custom logs in Azure Log Analytics.

    Kusto: Table Joins and the Let Statement

    Learn how to use Kusto (KQL) table joins and let statements in Azure Log Analytics.

    Build beautiful dashboards with KQL

    See what stunning dashboards you can create in SquaredUp using Kusto Query Language (KQL).

    Looking ahead: SquaredUp 5.0 and beyond

    SquaredUp Founder & CEO Richard Benwell shares his outlook for 2021 and our product roadmap.

    Working with On-prem machines in SquaredUp for Azure

    Using Logs and Azure Arc to manage on-prem machines in SquaredUp for Azure.

    Introducing Azure Management Talk

    Azure Management Talk is a bite-sized webinar series with a focus on all things Azure management.v

    On/Off NOC Dashboards with SquaredUp

    Easily create actionable dashboards with personalized task lists for your team, or a list of problems to fix.

    Why choose the Connect license for SquaredUp 5.0?

    The SquaredUp Connect tier gives you that single pane of glass dashboard for all your data sources. SolarWinds, Pingdom, PagerDuty, ServiceNow and more!

    New and improved Web API tile with SquaredUp 5.0

    Get data from all your tools in one place, with even more visualizations than before! Including PagerDuty, Splunk, Pingdom, ServiceNow and SolarWinds.

    New Open Access with SquaredUp 5.0

    The same unlimited shared dashboards for your whole organization – only this time, much more interactive!

    Improved Dashboard Designer experience with SquaredUp 5.0

    Even more flexible, simple and quick. Get the perfect Enterprise IT dashboards with just a few clicks.

    Community Round-Up: November 2020

    Catch up on the latest in Azure Monitor and SCOM news

    Get the full picture with SquaredUp’s ServiceNow Tile (Part 2)

    Learn all about how the ServiceNow tile works, plus some handy tips and tricks!

    Share dashboards with the business

    Easily report on your systems and applications with Open Access shared dashboards.

    Reduce monitoring silos with SquaredUp WebAPI and SQL tiles

    Get data from Pingdom, New Relic, SQL, SCOM and more – all on the same dashboard.