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From humble beginnings in 2011, SquaredUp is the IT operations tool of choice for thousands of users within hundreds of the world’s largest enterprise organizations.

The combination of a great product, a transparent pricing model and outstanding support means that, whilst we’re lucky enough to count some of the world’s leading brands among our customers, we also have hundreds of other happy customers around the world, all using the same great product, for the same price and getting the same great service.

How to embed Grafana visualization in SquaredUp

A step-by-step guide to getting all your data from Grafana and SquaredUp into a single pane of glass.

Post-event review: SCOMathon Workshop Week

See what the SCOM community thought of SCOMathon Workshop Week and what else we have in store!

Layering customer, infrastructure and business perspectives into your monitoring (Part 4)

How to layer in availability and infrastructure components for a holistic monitoring approach. Communicate effectively to a broad range of stakeholders.

Communicating Strategically with Manual Reporting Availability (Part 3)

Use SCOM dashboards to communicate effectively with end users, upper management, and the infrastructure teams.

SquaredUp helps customers save 20% of Azure costs

Want an easy way to reduce your Azure spend? SquaredUp customers save up to 20% by using our cost tiles.

Building powerful tailored SCOM dashboards with Enterprise Applications (Part 2)

How to further tailor SCOM dashboards for different audiences and display only our critical service offerings.

Better Dashboarding – Grafana or SquaredUp?

How does SquaredUp stack up against Grafana as a dashboarding tool?

New and improved Community Answers

We are thrilled to announce that we have upgraded our much-loved Community Answers platform!

Building powerful tailored SCOM dashboards with Enterprise Applications (Part 1)

Each team has a different need but uses similar data. Learn how to build something flexible that will satisfy all three audiences!

New Health Explorer for Azure VMs

Finally, a proper health model and health explorer for Azure virtual machines!

Kusto: Custom Logs in Log Analytics

Part of our Kusto series, this is a thorough guide on how to use custom logs in Azure Log Analytics.

Kusto: Table Joins and the Let Statement

Learn how to use Kusto (KQL) table joins and let statements in Azure Log Analytics.