Install SquaredUp SCOM Edition

Download SquaredUp SCOM Edition and transform your enterprise monitoring today.

Installation instructions

You will need to be a SCOM admin to complete the installation. Not an admin?

See the installation guide for more information and advanced configuration.

Step 1: Download and install

Simply download and run the installer on a SCOM Management Server, or a standalone server. Setup takes a couple of minutes and there’s a wizard to walk you through it.

Step 2: Activate

Logon and enter the activation code we have sent to you by email.
No activation code?

If your server does not have internet connectivity or is behind a proxy, manually activate your license by following these instructions.

SCOM essentials we think you’ll love

With a 30 day free trial of SquaredUp you’re already on your way to SCOM success. But why stop there?

Master your monitoring with some SCOM essentials from our sister company, Cookdown. Their free MPs support everything from SCOM Self-Maintenance to PowerShell Authoring and much more!

SquaredUp recommends: Easy Tune
Alert noise getting you down? Fine tune your alerts with Cookdown’s free tool – Easy Tune.

Getting started help

No activation code?

If you haven’t received your activation code, check your junk mail folder first, then email [email protected] and we’ll get you back on track.

Explore the guide

To help you make the most of your trial, we’ve created a structured Getting Started guide, containing all the resources you need and more.

Take a closer look

Join our experts

You don’t need to be trialling SquaredUp SCOM Edition to see it in action. Our Q&A webinars give everyone the opportunity to talk to our product experts.

Not an admin?

Send this page to your SCOM admin who can help you get started.

Your 30-day trial includes:

Access to all features

Get visibility on all your apps and start saving money with cost tiles.

Unlimited users and

Collaborate with team folders and share with Open Access.

Full technical support

You have complete access to our support team for the duration of your trial.